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gemma.bath November 29, 2023

@pm4905846 the fear is palpable, especially as it’s mixed with post birth hormones. And the breast pump din/room… felt alien walking in as a new mum! You have such visceral memories of it all, I’m sorry you too ended up in there! 

gemma.bath November 29, 2023

@alexharley22 I’m so sorry you went through that Alex! It’s so bloody hard

gemma.bath January 6, 2022

@kelloneill Hi Kell! The other states/territories hadn't updated their numbers when this was first published. It's been updated with more numbers now, and I will update again before the end of the day when the last of the jurisdictions share their updates. :-)

gemma.bath September 22, 2021

@sharrynamanda92 thankyou for sharing, I will update the post with her name. I am so beyond sorry for your loss. Look after yourself. xxxxxxxxx

gemma.bath August 5, 2021

@melc74 Thanks Mel! I am so glad you liked it. 

gemma.bath August 5, 2021

@Birth Sense Australia Thankyou Birth Sense! We won't ever stop telling women's stories. x

gemma.bath August 5, 2021

@szabos07 So happy it helped!!

gemma.bath August 5, 2021

@annedudess Thanks Anne! What a lovely comment

gemma.bath August 4, 2021

@dyana.ghantous  Thankyou Dyana! - Gemma 

gemma.bath July 19, 2021

@sh Wow! So interesting to hear even more context from you. There's always more to the story...thanks for sharing Sh. 

gemma.bath June 10, 2021

@c.brown88 It's already live on Binge! Pretty sure they do a free trial :-) 

gemma.bath May 26, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 To you and I...yes. To many other people, I found out this week, no :-) Everyone has certain life skills that trip them up!

January 14, 2021

@david s SO true David!!!!

October 29, 2020

@anonymous This is such a good point Anonymous! Ugh, I am so done with these phrases in our vernacular. Which is why I think it's important we call them out when/ if they happen!

July 9, 2020

@laura__palmer brilliantly put Laura! :-) 

May 18, 2020

@david s I had the same thought while writing! 100% agree. Although, watching the doco Enoch had his work cut out having to keep up with the needs and desires (and complaints) of three seperate people. It all looks v tiring. 😄

May 12, 2020

@nell I also thinks he deserves credit! He's really stepped up to the plate with this crisis. We've been v lucky in Australia that he's really come through and steered us away from a repeat of Italy. But wanted to shout out the states and territories in this particular article - I think COVID has just highlighted the need for more than one leader in a country so diverse. 🙌

May 6, 2020

@annam I am so glad you're finding them helpful :-)

May 5, 2020

@rush Joe won't be happy. He wants to be played by Brad Pitt! 😉

May 5, 2020

@gu3st Hot desking is when you change desks every shift. Strange term, now I actually think about it 🤔😂