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thinkingaloud April 22, 2024

I look back and cringe at how entitled I was sometimes when my kids were babies. I think when you’re in that bubble you don’t hear them the same way other ppl do - you think they’re being quiet but they’re really not. You think they’re not disruptive but they are. I feel for the mother but a 7 month old isn’t the same as a newborn and I like to think even I would’ve known better than to take them to a comedy show where those pauses and quiet moments are key to a joke. 

thinkingaloud April 16, 2024

Agree 💯 with this!! I love this show and keep going back to it for the incredibly well written, beautifully performed and hilarious musical numbers as well as the endearing characters. THE. BEST. 

thinkingaloud March 15, 2024

Wow I’m so surprised by the number of ppl in this thread who have no compassion for Megan and the relentless trolling and racism she faced from the British press. Does “Waity Katy” really compare to all the nasty things they’ve claimed about Megan - think about Piers Whatshisface and his constant bullying? 

No one’s “conveniently forgotten” about Kate’s awful treatment but the point of this article is that at this time, we now know the palace has a lot more influence and could have done a whole lot more to protect another royal woman but they didn’t. You’re falling into their own trap by continuing to compare the two. 

thinkingaloud March 7, 2024

Yes! Thank you. Love this 🙌 

thinkingaloud February 9, 2024

I’m so sorry that this is your reality. For what it’s worth I think you’re gorgeous and, more importantly, talented and good at your job. Keep going and being your obviously very marvellous self.  

thinkingaloud January 11, 2024

It’s also incredibly uncomfortable because the boy she basically manipulated into committing the murder is still in jail - a boy who was apparently autistic and whose parents were in disbelief because “he wouldn’t harm a fly”. And while he remains in jail she’s free to live and laugh and love. Noone would begrudge her any of this, but it’s hard to be happy for her when someone else - whose life would be drastically different had he never met her - is still paying for the crime. 

thinkingaloud August 13, 2023

I'm sorry you had such a sh*t dad, but I'm glad you had a stepdad who loved you as your biological father should have but failed to do. He sounds like a selfish pri*ck and you're well shot of him. It's hard to stop needing our parents but I hope you're able to love and focus on the wonderful things you've built in your life. Well done on doing your best to break that cycle and be a great mum and partner 🙌

thinkingaloud August 10, 2023

I had similar thoughts when my son was diagnosed with anxiety and inattentive ADHD (exactly the same as the listener). I immediately signed up to a parenting workshop specifically for ADHD and was completely convinced based on scientific evidence and the testimony of experts in the field that medication helps kids with the executive functions that their atypical brains just can't do it on its own through no fault of their own. 

It's now been almost a year to the day since we started medication and I'm so grateful for it. My son's confidence, academic performance, and general ability to regulate himself and sequence his thoughts have skyrocketed. At school his teachers noticed the difference immediately. I highly encourage parents whose children are diagnosed with ADHD to please do the research and seek the best treatment for your child. 

thinkingaloud January 6, 2023

Good on him for finally speaking out about his experiences on his terms.

thinkingaloud January 5, 2023

Gen X parents are apparently “doling out advice”, “scurrying” about with activities and “glorifying” workaholism… is this article intended to show any semblance of balance? All it does is say how much better Millennial parents are. 

thinkingaloud December 15, 2022

Loved this show! If you haven’t seen Upper Middle Bogan you really need to get onto it. Patrick Brammall and Yvette the vet are married in that one and it’s freakin hilarious (it’s got Glen Robbins too) - on Netflix, run don’t walk

thinkingaloud May 25, 2022

Thank you for writing this. This is exactly my experience. It’s hard for my husband to understand how my family of origin seemingly sweeps the abuse under the carpet, but I think it’s mostly for our mum. She’ll stick with him to the end (a different culture, a different generation), so for her sake we allow him to remain in our lives with his demands and entitled behaviours. It’s a complex situation. I’m glad to see it being recognised.