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mamamia-user-807507422 January 3, 2022

There was a turd left in the toilet when we moved into our newly bought place. So gross and so weird.

mamamia-user-807507422 July 6, 2021

Congratulations! I’m older than you and have only just made it onto the property ladder. I wish I’d had your common sense in my twenties- sounds like you had a great balance between needs and wants! 

mamamia-user-807507422 March 15, 2021

Thank you! I would love Mamamia to include more content about ambitiously working up the career ladder. Podcasts, articles etc- bring it on! I’m not entrepreneurial but love working hard, contributing to my team and getting personal satisfaction and rewards out of my career. Great to see content that doesn’t belittle that mindset.

mamamia-user-807507422 January 24, 2021

Everyone's different. I have never had 'mummy guilt'. I was bored out of my brain on my four months of maternity leave and couldn't wait to get back to work. I make a point of only talking about my kids if somebody asks me about them. Now, I feel so much more like myself. Actually, a better version of the self I was before I had kids because I also love my new role as parent- I just don't think it needs to erase what was already my identity. 

mamamia-user-807507422 January 3, 2021

I think Pip is intriguing. I thought she was a bit too cool for school until I listened to a few podcast interviews with her. Mind blown! She’s so intelligent and reflective. A great role model for women- proving you can be fun and trendy yet also deep and really dynamic.