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eloiselovesbooks December 19, 2020

@daijobou even the worst days they still get you don't they? Those gummy grins! 

eloiselovesbooks December 19, 2020

@meegzymoo it's so easy to feel scared by it all isn't it. There are a lot of lists or advice out there like this but I think for most women it's actually a pretty great time that you definitely can't be prepared for :) babies are smart. I learned way more from responding to her and trying different things than reading books or lists like this. You'll be so good - don't stress. I think the only things I agreed with on this list were 1 & 2 and even then I think my experience was different to the author's but both got easier by 2 weeks or so. Don't be scared, be excited I reckon 😁

eloiselovesbooks December 19, 2020

@rush they never get old do they. I still laugh at her giant poopy nappies too. So many things to laugh at along the way! 

eloiselovesbooks December 15, 2020

It's not all bad future Mums. 
Here's 9 other things they don't tell you
1. You won't be able to sleep the first night you have your baby because you'll be too busy staring at them in wonder. 
2. You'll miss feeling them wriggle around inside you
3. They make the funniest noises - farts, burps, grunts & babbles - it's ok to laugh at them
4. Feeding gets easier - bottle or breast you will find your groove
5. The first smile will take your breath away - what a reward for all your hard work Mumma! You earned it!! 
6. The fourth trimester is real + some days you won't know where your arms end and your baby begins and don't feel bad about it
7. Newborn snugs are the best - ok you may have heard that one before but it's true! 
8. You can love your baby and have a great day and cry from exhaustion at the same time + doesn't mean you want to stop the ride
9. Mum tribes are the best - your relationships will change but you'll make new friends too. How great is that?? 

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