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neavejaye April 2, 2022

Yes I agree with Ella, Dominica is a really nice person who has been taken the wrong way.  She has called out people who have lied ,and those who have betrayed others in the experiment.  Ella is too good for Mitch and needs a nice man to treat her like a princess, because she’s a lovely young woman.

neavejaye March 29, 2022

Ella, why would you want to be with this Brent guy. He’s so full of himself that he can’t see what’s in front of him. You are a beautiful vivacious woman who could get someone better than this guy. He has told you more than once that Maybe I’m Not the Guy for you, then embarrassed you at the last commitment. Please get rid of him and look for someone like Brent who would treat you like a Queen, which you deserve.

neavejaye March 25, 2022

Poor OLIVIA, I don't think. She is a manipulative monster of a person, she should never be a teacher, I'd hate to be one of her pupils if she decides to make them her target.

neavejaye March 21, 2022

I can’t believe Olivia bringing on the crocodile tears when backed into a corner by the experts. Quote “ I HAVE NO EMPATHY “ is a sure sign of a sociopath. This woman should never be able to be a teacher, I feel for her students if she is. Jackson should get out now, as staying with this woman will show him NO EMPATHY. He’s looking like the girl in the relationship and she will eat him up and spit him out. 

neavejaye March 17, 2022

This woman has some serious problems if she thinks this is the way to behave against another woman. I agree with another comment made that Olivia is a true narcissist and will never understand what she has done. If this Jackson guy stays with her, he is going to have a hell of a life with her as she will cut him off from his friends and family, because she wants to be the one and only in his life. This woman has been uncomfortable to watch, unlike Dominica who has held herself together under this constant attack from this  crazy woman.