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katey June 28, 2021

I have six kids. And I’m here to tell you the most honest advice you will ever need. Nobody knows everything about parenting. No one is an expert, no matter how many children they have or however many degrees they have. Because every. child. is. different! Some sleep, some don’t, some breastfeed, some don’t. Some deliver easy and fast, some are hard and slow. And some are in between. No one has their shit together, no one is perfect and you are going to make mistakes. Sometimes it will be the magical unicorn ride you always hoped for, sometimes it will be hell on earth. But there is one thing that will always remain the same. This is YOUR baby. This is 

YOUR journey into parenthood. And however you go about it, if you keep that baby alive, fed and happy, then you’re doing a really fecking great job! Go forth and multiply! Oh, and you can never have too many burping cloths……… hehe.

mamamia-user-121148615 March 29, 2021

First off, I get that this is 'just a TV show' and that it might even be a little (LOT) scripted, but one thing is really glaringly obvious to the WHOLE OF AUSTRALIA. This guy is messing with Melissa. He's screwing with her head. He's gaslighting her in the worst possible ways. He is making it so that a therapist in the near future will be able to pay for a fancy new car with the amount of money they will make from her. It's gotten to the point where it seems negligent of the producers not to step in. In a time where womens rights and the 'Me Too' movement is gathering welcome steam, why aren't they taking the opportunity to have the 'experts' take him to task for being such a vile human? Why oh why are they allowing someone who is clearly vulnerable, and possibly not the most emotionally or mentally stable, be continually humiliated and treated like garbage on national television? It's NOT good TV, it's her life. And her mental health. And I dread to think what reliving it through watching the episodes would be doing to her. Please, MAFS creaters and producers, DO BETTER! Help this poor woman before she becomes just another statistic. Women of Australia deserve better. Women of the world deserve better.

mamamia-user-121148615 February 18, 2021

Not a monster at all. As for losing the abs, the car and the start up, it’s ok to be upset and angry. They are things you worked hard for and were meaningful to you. But you can have them again. It will take hard work (especially the abs), but it will happen. And if it doesn’t, that’s ok too. You can have different things and different goals. It’s hard to see through the miserable fog, but you WILL be ok. It WILL work out. It’s won’t be easy, but you will make it. And HUGE congratulations on getting help. That’s the best and hardest part. Xxxxxxxx

mamamia-user-121148615 February 18, 2021

@cat oh, it happens all the bloody time! I have a huge family. Six children, four dogs, seventeen cats and three pet rats. I foster and rehabilitate abandoned and abused animals and I’m lucky enough not to have to work outside that. My kids are always well dressed and groomed, I take care of my own appearance, my house is clean and tidy, I cook mostly healthy and nutritious meals, the kids take homemade food to school every day and I love it. I sew, knit, cook and clean like a 50’s housewife, because I LOVE IT! I don’t push it in others mums faces, and recently my daughter had a play date here with a school friend. When said friends Mum came to pick him up, she commented on how clean and organised I am, and that how she and some of the other mums had assumed the house would be a mess and smell like cat pee from all the animals. I work very hard to make sure that doesn’t happen, but why did she need to make that particular comment? Then the second week of school was all about ‘look at Katey. She thinks she’s so much better than anyone else because blah blah blah’. This is not a humble brag, because I don’t always have my shit together, but a majority of the time I do. So why pick at me for it? I have managed to avoid said Mum for the past week because my husband has been on leave (oh, did I mention he’s in the defence force and hardly ever home?) but I’m dreading him going back because I’ll have to deal with it again. Women can be very cruel, amd no one is crueller than a woman who feels like she’s being looked down upon, even when she isn’t. Tall poppy syndrome is alive and well, and believe me, I didn’t do ANYTHING to deserve the treatment I have gotten since school went back!

mamamia-user-121148615 December 29, 2020

I found all of these funny, apart from the 15 year old making the perfect margarita. Covid or no covid, that’s just not ok.

KG81 April 20, 2020

Like most sane people, I’m concerned for the USA and it’s occupants. However, I’m also concerned about the mental health of Trump. He is clearly suffering from grandiose ideations and I can’t help but wonder if he is bipolar? I would urge those close to him to have him assessed. Surely someone who is so completely delusional about his own self is mentally unwell? I’m mean that with all seriousness. He needs help!