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twinmum July 9, 2021

I have the exact same issue; I'm a little taller than you and can never seem to find jeans or pants that fit. My default option is to buy Levi's online, in a style that has the 34 inch leg length option (they don't all!). Also, some styles seem to have longer legs - not sure if that is a thing, or just my experience

twinmum June 16, 2021

Love your mum's insights - I have three kids under three, including a set of twins, so I feel some of her pain! 

twinmum May 25, 2021

@elle84 Me too, hang in there ladies x

twinmum March 16, 2021

@rush I can confirm that the same hair missteps are alive here in Sydney - definitely an 80s cricketer aesthetic 

twinmum November 17, 2020

As a fellow twin mum, I could relate to so many of these things! My boys are two now, and number three is on the way, it is really helpful when people observe that I will have my hands full

Guest March 11, 2020

My thoughts were "that'd have been perfect when I was pregnant"

Guest March 11, 2020

And the part about *a* family pack of toilet paper. It seems quite clear he was suggesting people prepare for a fortnight of isolation, not a year

Guest November 20, 2019

Love Shan's work! She is an awesome girl giving a voice to so many people who are suffering in silence

Guest November 13, 2019

A powerful message, beautifully written

Guest November 7, 2019

I thought the same thing! Love the black outfit

Guest October 24, 2019

I have been thinking the same thing, what a potentially devastating situation

Guest August 29, 2019

I struggled with the lack of acknowledgement for my first Mother's Day, too; I would have loved to receive a simple card...

Guest August 11, 2019

You really are a super-mum! I have fourteen month old twins and can't imagine how much harder I would find everything if I didn't have my husband to help

Guest May 2, 2019

I think this story needs a content warning at the top, please

Guest April 9, 2019

Well said! Such a tragic story

Guest March 17, 2019

Agreed. Parents need to be taking the responsibility here, it is a parental duty to raise respectful children. Teachers already have too much on their plates, and we know that they are disrespected by their students too

Guest March 7, 2019

Like "organic" foods...

Guest February 28, 2019


Guest February 27, 2019

I couldn't agree more! I have nine month old twins and have managed just fine without the majority of these items; does anyone actually need the formula machine? We have one pram, which we got second hand, but I can't imagine having two. I will agree that cloth nappies and a baby carrier are both brilliant though

Guest September 16, 2018

This is exactly what we did when I gave birth to my twins three months ago; my wonderful husband did all the texting/calling. We chose to wait a few hours before announcing the births and enjoyed the time to ourselves. When he did send out the announcement, we requested no unannounced visitors and only immediate family at the hospital. We also stipulated that anyone who wanted to touch the babies must be fully immunised, including against whooping cough. No one was too surprised or upset about any of this though, because we had mentioned it all well beforehand