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blh February 15, 2024

I really enjoyed this article, I will be trying most of these myself! And I love Nagi, I am so greatful that she tests and shares all of these amazing creations 

blh March 8, 2022

I would love to see the term mature replaced with wise. Just a thought 💗

blh February 17, 2022

Love the blonde Mia! I am ready to move on and never want to hear the word “covid” or “variant” ever ever again

blh February 11, 2022

Geez they will exploit any crime these days to make it entertainment and profit

blh February 8, 2022

Andrew telling Holly that he does not want to “go down that road” regarding pegging when she did not ask was quite literally the greatest moment in Australian TV history. I will never recover from this.

blh February 5, 2022

I completely agree with Kanye regarding his 8 year old daughter being on Tik Tok - it’s just not okay. But seeing this all play out is really hard to watch. I hope they find some middle ground and healing 

blh January 19, 2022

@webcrawler88 great insights! I would love to hear if Madeline would agree with your theory

blh January 19, 2022

I agree little man sounds odd. I call my 4 year old son; beautiful, precious, angel, darling, and probably will until he is 74.

blh January 16, 2022

@caroleanngoldsmith great advice! I have used a debt collector before when someone had hit my car and was refusing to pay. They basically paid straight away when the debt collector reached out which was a great result.

blh January 9, 2022

Yes where can I access these? 😁

blh December 22, 2021

I have been waiting for someone to bring up a Royal Commission into forced recorder education since 2000.

blh December 22, 2021

Being born on Christmas Day, I have never felt so seen in my life. This article has brought me to tears. I just wish I had my own day like everyone else. Happy Birthday Jessie & Clare, I see your pain.

blh August 16, 2021

I started crying when your wrote - it wasn’t meant to be like this.

I started laughing when you wrote - cake by cake.

Thank you Holly ❤️

blh July 15, 2021

This is just so so incredibly heart breaking. Lisa’s post was so beautiful, thank you so much for sharing and publishing this.