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BJB November 29, 2023

I’ve had a very different experience with my mother’s group. We have 7 mums, all different in how we raise our kids but all respectful and understanding that we’re all just trying to do our best for our babies and our families. All winging it with having had no previous experience. Fast forward 6 years we now all have kids entering year 1 and nearly all of us have additional kids (between us 18 in total now). One mum has moved to Africa for the past two years but still very much alive in our group chats. I feel like this article shows one very sad version of how mothers groups could be but not all are like this and I would definitely recommend mother’s group to new mums. 

bjb January 21, 2022

@mamamia-user-482898552 fixing our health system in WA is not an overnight repair. They need more trained health care workers, more hospital beds and at the core of it, better primary care accessibility and education of the public because probably 60% of people turning up to ED’s could have been managed by GP’s, urgent care centers and other community services. Yes I know that because I’ve worked in a WA ED as a nurse for 14 years. 

bjb February 13, 2021

Eeek, you need to drop him. Don’t waste your precious time in life with a guy who doesn’t see you in his future. If he genuinely loved you, you would be who he sees his future with. I had a few relationships not work out in the past but when I was in them I and they thought it might go the distance eventually. He’s straight up telling you it won’t. Run hon. It is always hard to choose to walk away from a relationship but when you find the right guy who you do go on to marry and/or have kids with you will look back and know you made the right choice for you. 

bjb May 19, 2020

For me children was non-negotiable. It was a deal breaker if my partner didn’t want children no matter how much I loved them. It was an issue in one of my previous relationships where he was fairly certain he didn’t want kids. Now 6 years later I’m married to someone else and have two little kids and I 100% know my life would never have been fulfilled if I didn’t have them and I know I would have resented my partner if I stayed and we never did have children. I think in your circumstance it might be a decision your husband needs to make. Just be honest and say you don’t think you will change your mind/have made up your mind and give him the option to move on. I also know couples who have agreed they don’t want kids and are living a happy life together but would find it hard to believe it wouldn’t be cause for resentment in the long run if one did and one didnt. Good luck