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alexmoon December 9, 2021

The version of pass the parcel I grew up with was slightly different to both of these approaches. Instead, the parcel was passed around the circle and every single child simply unwrapped the next layer to see if they were the one to win the single, big prize. There was no randomly stopped music. It was pure dumb luck as to whether your turn unwrapped the final piece of paper to reveal the prize. It was very suspenseful and didn't result in any fights because all we had to do was take our turn. I can't ever remember winning, but it was a tonne of fun. A prize in every layer renders the whole game pretty pointless in my opinion. Personally, I really enjoyed the suspense, even as a child who ended up disappointed all of the time lol.

alexmoon August 22, 2020

I don't see this as having anything to do with race. All I see is two young women being unnecessarily mean and bitchy, perhaps under the influence of too much alcohol and being egged on by producers. You can't edit words into someone's mouth. There are girls who go on these shows specifically to GET the villian's edit. It turns them into D-grade celebrities in a matter of weeks. I feel like BOTH these young women likely fall into the category of wanting the villian's edit. Their skin colour has nothing to do with it.

alexmoon August 21, 2020

I have nothing but respect and admiration for Dan. He's doing an incredible job under unbelievable pressure. This is a once in a century event. Common sense says mistakes will be made. I can't believe his reward for all his hard work will be to lose his job.