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twodogs September 14, 2023

LOL. I got a couple....has fake hair/ponytail, tries to be blonde but underneath is a NZ Rugby Team...All-Blacks....

twodogs April 27, 2023

@snorks If someone reveals their true selves, believe they angels or bogans. So it is good to know where we stand and where the others are.

twodogs April 26, 2023

Mullets should be allowed....self identification is a very good thing.

twodogs April 5, 2023

Well done to Peter Dutton - probably worked longer and closer with Aboriginal folks and issues more than most other federal MPs. Albanese's complete lack of detail on this whole issue is what we need to be focusing on now. A poorly managed consensus thus far...very poor. But that goes with his general approach. Lofty ideas but poor execution.

twodogs April 2, 2023

Good result.

twodogs December 5, 2022

@millie1986 what are you suggesting here? Are espousing someone is guilty of something?

twodogs October 23, 2022

@laura__palmer Stolen? That escalated quickly. WA State Gov issues mining licences allocated from Crown land.

twodogs October 23, 2022

@jazzbaby NAIDOC, Madalah and others

twodogs October 22, 2022

I wonder of the players understand just how much money Gina Rinehart pours into Aboriginal causes and programs which are lauded to have actual demonstrable practical success according to Aboriginal commentators. I wonder if they did any research such as would have been done by, say, any media outlet commenting on this story?  Also, how patronising is it to women with the netballers assuming that Gina Reinhart is just her father's daughter and not an independent woman in her own right?

twodogs September 20, 2022

I'll take one Queen Elizabeth over a 1000 Bidens or Trudeaus or Macrons, any time. Even in her current state she would make more sense.

twodogs September 20, 2022

@cat  Go you good thing!!!

twodogs September 19, 2022

What's the problem with bad ..THE TIMING.. jokes.

twodogs September 19, 2022

May the queen of Australia rest in peace. The haters are always gonna hate....

twodogs August 17, 2022

@mamamia-user-482898552 yep - completely reasonable if you have to do it quickly and then get on with the job. Only the left-wing folks are rubber necking about this. The rest of this have are getting on with keeping the current rabble in check....and that's a full time job.

twodogs August 17, 2022

@gu3st secrecy. I also don't what colour his underpants are. Doesn't make it conspiracy. I am far more concerned about the current government's lamentable performance thus far.

twodogs August 16, 2022

Boring.....ScoMo explained himself very satisfactorily on 2GB. In the odd period that was covid, any minister who had to a have a leave of absence, from covid or otherwise, there was immediate back-up. This is a case of a leader stepping up and doing want any business would do - put contingency plans in place. It's funny how only left-wing folks don't get it.....hmmmmm.

twodogs August 14, 2022

@laura__palmer I see this every other day. Some women can not, do not hide their contempt. It goes both ways but the men seem to more machiavellian about it.

twodogs June 27, 2022

@laura__palmer ...Oh. I see. Brutal. And here I thought the ownership of the dogma about standing up for those who don't a voice to do so was righteous virtue claimed by the left.... not the 'extremist right'.

twodogs June 27, 2022

'....Where guns have more rights than women.....'

.......and the unborn as well.

twodogs June 2, 2022

To Johnny Depp and all those others who are suffering from their manipulative and untruthful partners ...we hear you, we see you and we continue to believe you...