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mamamia-user-15642058 May 23, 2022

Warren Buffet has the best advice - never invest in something you don't understand. 

mamamia-user-15642058 April 27, 2022

The whole premise of the article would be a moot point for all sexes if more employers brought in the WFH and flexibility practices that worked so well (and which they took full advantage of) during the pandemic. My suggestion is, if an employer is not flexible, join the great resignation and start looking for another job!  Don't fight against each other, fight against the system that makes it feel like you have to. 

mamamia-user-15642058 April 8, 2022

@snorks lol IT is not low paid!

mamamia-user-15642058 April 5, 2022

They've run out material and can't wait! TV executives gotta executive. 

mamamia-user-15642058 April 1, 2022

Thanks to this episode I just rewatched GI Jane. What a great movie that was!

mamamia-user-15642058 March 29, 2022

@poodletime no, genetics, gender and nationality were not taken into account when it was initially created. 

And "...Funnily Ancel Keys never wanted BMI to be used as a measurement of obesity with his original paper explicitly warning against the use of the body mass index for individual classifications. Keys knew that a nice simple number like the BMI couldn’t take into account differentials like gender, age, muscle mass, bone density etc. Keys was simple trying to find a means of conducting large scale health studies as accurately as possible. The BMI was a means to an end and not an infallible number."

mamamia-user-15642058 March 21, 2022

@laura__palmer absolutely YES this should be done immediately.

mamamia-user-15642058 March 13, 2022

@cat I know its awful to think about and acknowledge but its unfortunately true and not new

I really hope this isn't the case one day and the police become highly effective but until then my stance will remain firm. 

Learn Krav Maga ladies!

mamamia-user-15642058 March 10, 2022

That poor woman. This is absolutely disgusting. AVOs aren't worth the paper they are written on. Ultimately no one can protect your life but yourself, do what you need to do ladies. 

mamamia-user-15642058 July 4, 2021

I was ready to roll my eyes at a repeat of boring savings rules - but these are actually useful!

mamamia-user-15642058 February 25, 2021

Great speech young man. 

mamamia-user-15642058 February 12, 2021

Yeah, the terms adulting and doggos were always lame

mamamia-user-15642058 February 9, 2021

The lunchbox isn't the problem in this article, Facebook is the problem. 

mamamia-user-15642058 January 28, 2021


Can't wait until they eventually go for more of a hunger games vibe /s

mamamia-user-15642058 January 21, 2021


mamamia-user-15642058 January 12, 2021

What a wonderful article. I completely relate to the author!

mamamia-user-15642058 January 2, 2021

Thankyou,  its nice to hear a good news story!

mamamia-user-15642058 December 29, 2020

@anonymous as a feminist I'm sure you know the meaning of internalised misogyny because you sure are demonstrating it! Women aren't your 'worst enemy' and I'm pretty sure if thats attitude then the poor lady seated next to you at dinner would be glad to swap seats with someone else so you don't bore her with your lectures!

mamamia-user-15642058 August 21, 2020

Lol this reminds me of friends and the workout guy who wore inappropriate work out gear... "Hey buddy, this is a family place. Put the mouse back in the house"