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dragonlady25 November 8, 2023

Had them for 23 years, it’s crap!

dragonlady25 September 26, 2022

There is an online retailer that has up to 22. They are great with returns etc.  site is ::    I’m in my 60’s and got a lovely dress for my sons wedding.  It took a few orders to get what I liked, but they are not over the top expensive so to me it was worth it!

dragonlady25 June 6, 2021

We all grow old at different speeds,   Im so tired and sore most of the time, my husband , not so much.    Maybe this man is feeling the aging process more than his wife.   If they have always lived independant lives, why  is the problem now?     She needs to find a few girlfriends to enjoy her time with, as long as both parties are happy ( that includes doing things separately)  surely that is all that matters.

dragonlady25 June 6, 2021

Getting back to a question not answered anywhere,  why can’t the over 50’s have a choice?       I get the feeling the AZ is being pushed upon us cause they don’t want to be stuck with the doses.    Not a good enough reason for me to choose it.

dragonlady25 March 21, 2021

Gladys......Hardly a ‘once in a generation flood’.    It’s happened every 5-10 years that I can remember.    Maybe stop allowing people to build in flood prone lands???

dragonlady25 January 23, 2021

It’s all very well this lady saying she can’t afford to move or sell this house, but if the other person (without a child to consider) wants out, there is nothing she can do about it.     She is skating on thin ice every day.     A truely terrible and anxiety producing situation to be in.

dragonlady25 July 12, 2020

I’m a white person and absolutely shocked and angered why the police are so slack with facts and details.  They lost the towel?  How incompetent and convenient is that?  Indigenous people commit crimes and need to be punished but the ongoing treatment is abhorrent.     No wonder we have such messed up n damaged people. I don’t see I am responsible for what my ancestors did, it was wrong, But the treatment dished out to them now is wrong on so many. Levels!!

dragonlady25 July 3, 2020

Oh how I wish people would not say it gets easier with time.   It doesn’t, and I’m obviously not the only one who experiences that.    What this wonderful family has had to endure is tragic and so unfair.  Stop trying to make us feel better to alleviate your uncomfortable situation.

dragonlady25 June 22, 2020

@flyingdale flier      Yes, it’s a bloody cooking show, yet we have this drama weaved into it,    it’s become part of shows today.

dragonlady25 June 22, 2020

Don’t watch reality tv for the very point of manufactured drama, they all do it, MAFS is classic example!

dragonlady25 June 22, 2020

@kylie        Maybe explains why they voted labor in for a second time,  they are stupid!    Their recent behaviour certainly points in that direction????

dragonlady25 June 22, 2020

What do the families think of their sick relatives inflicting their germs (and possible death for the elderly ones) upon them???    Seriously they are incredibly selfish and disgusting to do that to anyone, let alone their LOVED ones!

dragonlady25 June 8, 2020

No police force, they are living in lalaland!