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jojomargaret03 June 5, 2020

Omg how hard for any parent to have to live life through hell just wondering where your child is, or are they alive. Those and many more suffering families. We can just pray one day our family will be reunited in the new system. Prayers are with you all. 

Jo Smith February 18, 2020

Leave her alone. For goodness sake. I know she's done something wrong and bad. Just dam lucky she didn't kill her son or anyone else on the road. She's very remorseful as one can tell. She should learn now that alcohol is a no no specially when you are working out all the time and not eating properly.

Jo Smith November 2, 2019

As long as everyone is happy and safe specially the children. One big happy family why not.

Jo Smith February 20, 2019

Sorry to say but if he was caging the joint and waiting to slip through the garage door well he knew what he was doing..stop making excuses for them they are the ones that take the drugs and or alcohol no one makes them do it.

Jo Smith February 3, 2019

What a low life scum she might have a bigger bum but so what. What makes you appealing to anyone Obviously nothing cause your still single and always will be if you are that critical. Why change someone take a look at yourself i bet your penis won't satisfy liz. Maybe you should work on that and stop being critical.

Jo Smith February 2, 2019

Congratulations how beautiful love to all

Jo Smith January 21, 2019

That poor family pray for you people and that the little man will be OK. Thoughts are with you all.

Jo Smith November 13, 2018

Poor little sweetheart breaks one's heart to see little ones pass away. Thoughts and prayers are with the family

Jo Smith November 11, 2018

Reverse physiology play nice usually that annoys people but don't take crap I thought these dreaded Mil days were long gone. Do yourself a favour don't talk about anything or anyone to her at all. Make the conversation boring Give her nothing to feed on. I'm sick of these bloody interfering Mil. I remember back in the day when I got married my Mil hated me because I was taking her son so after 20 years of marriage we divorced and I then said to her here's your son you can have him back now 😂 😂 😂 but she didn't want him. Why can't people just be happy for their kids Unless something really bad is happening Get over it all you Mil and move on