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srn July 10, 2022

@mamamia-user-482898552 I'm curious why you think she sounds exhausting? 

srn August 9, 2021

I don’t believe in covid. It’s a scam, I’m smarter than those corrupt doctors and scientists. I’m not going to wear a mask or check in. 

Oh now I’m really really sick. I want to use hospital services putting many staff members at risk, can I have some of that life saving medical equipment and scientific knowledge I have been p***ing on for months now thanks?’ 

Poor doctors and nurses dealing with the nitwits.

srn June 15, 2021

Just let the family return to Biloela! They have proven to be excellent, hardworking, community minded people. It’s all the girls have ever known. We are all sick of watching this play out in such a disgusting and un-Australian manner! This is shameful and in humane. Yes, they came by boat. I think they have suffered enough for this perceived crime. Let them live, work, school in Australia. I don’t pay my taxes so we can pay millions to lock sick children up and make their families suffer.

srn May 9, 2021

I love the joggers best of all - you look fun and comfortable! It’s flattering! I’m going to look for some for myself. 

srn April 28, 2021

Keep reaching Andrew! There is no justification for claiming your ADHD makes you behave like a bully and a pervert.  Just own up to your own behaviour, not try find some tenuous link of why your actions can’t be laid on your own doorstep.

srn April 4, 2021

That is disgusting. That is no justice for the victim. 

srn November 12, 2020

I agree it should be changed. Substitute the word ‘strong’ for young and it sounds great. 

To move forward and be united we need to acknowledge our whole past, make everybody feel seen and heard and embrace the future together.