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guest500 April 12, 2022

@mamamia-user-405278599 the financial cost is a HUGE issue and I believe in a barrier for people seeking help for mental illness. It’s all well and good for people to seek help however when a psychologist is saying they need to see you ongoing for weekly sessions at $300 a pop that can be incredibly overwhelming if not impossible. I too would love to see mental health as a priority and everyone to have access to the treatment they require without having to go into debt.

guest500 April 12, 2022

This is such a great message. When I decided to create a family I had no expectations. I am an only child and I hadn’t been around children much. It never occurred to me to picture whether they would be girls or boys or them getting married or going to uni. All I knew was that I wanted children to love and to be part of their journey through life wherever it may lead. I have since been blessed with a beautiful child who has significant disabilities. I believe it has been my lack expectations that has created our strong bond. To me she is exactly who she is supposed to be because I never envisaged her any other way. I would encourage other families planning to have children to go into it completely open to anything. You never know what life is going to give you & for children to live up to a fantasy you’ve created in your head sets pretty 

narrow parameters for your happiness. All the best to your beautiful family :)

guest500 June 15, 2020

When did this happen? The dates jump around all over the place, 1998, 1988, 32 years ago?

Guest April 26, 2019

Thank you so much for helping spread the word about these gorgeous dogs! Can I add another two, greyhounds rarely bark. I have heard my girl bark once in the 10 years I’ve had her & I don’t know who was more surprised. Also they are an incredibly healthy breed so our vet bills have been really low. They are the best, go adopt one or five!

Guest September 24, 2018

This has been done for ages! I’m probably showing my age but remember the Bangles? Three Amazonian women & the tiny Susanna Hoffs. It was almost comical the props & angles they would use to try & even their heights out.

Guest July 14, 2018

Yeah I’ve read a few of these articles and find them a bit aggressive to be honest. Each to their own but not my style.

Guest February 17, 2018

If I can be honest reading these comments you people have absolutely no idea what it is like to raise a child who is not neurotypical and that is something you should be incredibly grateful for. When you have a child who goes into a full on meltdown there is absolutely nothing you can do about it and it is draining and it is embarrassing. It has absolutely nothing to do with discipline. So while you look at your children who you can control with explanations & reading just think that this is this poor woman’s life. She wakes up to this, she goes to sleep to this. And instead of sleeping she probably lies awake worrying about her little boys future. She was probably riddled with anxiety about this flight & while it was awful for everyone involved they get to walk away. I can’t even imagine the humiliation this lady must be feeling. Great to know these days at times when you are at your most vulnerable there is always some ignorant d*ckhead with a camera ready to put you online.

Guest December 1, 2017

I’ve had friends in the exact same position. We’re now nearly 40 & these women are now either still at home or in sharehouses with girls 20 years younger wondering why life seems to have passed them by. A tip - very few of us have amazing jobs that fulfill us, we work to pay the bills & have creative outlets/interests outside of work. Take the admin job, move out of your mums and start living like the rest of us, it’s really not that bad!

Guest November 12, 2017

Sorry I don’t agree with people who think this is ok. As a society we are allowed to create rules for ourselves about what is and isn’t morally acceptable. I think that while we are all moving towards people being accepted for their lifestyles, sleeping with your Mum, Dad, brother, sister, dog, cat is wrong, doesn’t matter if it affects anyone else or not.

Guest August 14, 2017

I would like to hear more from older families who have a lifetime of experience of caring for disabled children & are now aging themselves & see how they are coping. My father used to work at a home for people with Down's syndrome when their parents could no longer care for them. While they were awesome & so funny, let's not sugar coat it, they were strong & they could be aggressive. Staff turnover was high. At the end of the day I believe people have the right to make their own decisions for their families, why would we not want to embrace science & information? Do not feel guilty if it's not the right choice for your family.

Guest July 24, 2017

I liked my husbands idea of paying a stamp duty type tax when you sell rather than when you buy. Would mean that first home owners hard saved deposits would go on just that and hopefully if sellers have made a profit they are in a better position to be able to pay the tax then.

Guest May 18, 2017

I honestly don't get this? I get from the guys point of view that if they are selfish enough to do this they obviously wouldn't give a sh*t about passing on STDs but surely the idea of being hit up with child support from the multiple women they are doing this to would resonate for these self serving pr*cks?

Guest March 7, 2017

I guess this was your best contraception back then. If it meant the possibility of having child 8,9 or 10 I'd probably be pushing him off too!

Guest January 20, 2017

Couldn't agree more!! Would love to see some actual accountability for the people who make these decisions. Must be so frustrating for the police.

Guest January 5, 2017

Pools frighten me to death. I have two tiny children who are super high energy with no fear. If they see a pool they run for it! I have to pick & choose events I go to carefully as I cannot let them out of my sight in unfamiliar environments let alone be distracted by conversations. It's draining & can be a bit isolating at times but they won't be like this forever.

Guest November 27, 2016

I think asking a set amount is a bit off. At least a wishing well you choose your own amount. I did have a large expensive wedding as it was something I had always wanted. Growing up my parents had little money and I hadn't had any real parties. We paid for it ourselves as it was what WE wanted. Gifts were irrelevant, they were a nice gesture.

Guest November 21, 2016

I never understand the whole whinge that rich people/celebrities have teams of nannies so they must have it so easy. Yes that would be great but I know with my own kids I could have 5 nannies but when they want mummy at whatever time of day/night no one else will do. Plus parenting with the judging eyes of the whole world watching, no thanks!

Guest November 14, 2016

Totally agree with you here. This whole sad story is just sleazy & drunk on both parts. Every awful story I read on this page about sexual assault always involves copious amounts of alcohol. When are we going to get it? Parents of girls AND boys please talk to your kids about the danger of alcohol. Throw in tinder & it's just a nightmare.

Guest November 3, 2016

This was exactly me....and then I had kids. It's a game changer. Having a baby sick in hospital, a toddler with developmental delays which no one can figure out, stress about how she is going to fit in socially, schooling options etc. I love my pets but sorry it doesn't even compare.

Guest November 1, 2016

So bogan it's embarrassing.