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ann toscano February 8, 2021

I can relate to this so much! I had my firstborn when I was 18 and I have always found it hard to fit in. It was when my son started prep that I learned that the whole "high school mean girl" drama was and still is well and truly still alive. Not many parents would give me the time of day which effected my sons social life, he was never invited to birthday parties and one child even told him "My mum said I'm not allowed to play with you because your mum is a child".

The assumption that a young mum must be a bad mum use to bother me to a point that I would avoid school events because I was treated so differently, but I have since felt pride in how well I have raised my son. PLUS, being a young mum totally has its benefits!  My 13-year-old loves that I am younger than his friend's mums and his friends love it too.  I had my second child 8 years after my son which was at a more "socially acceptable" age,  this has been a very different experience that's for sure! Either way, I hold no shame and no regrets. 
I have loved being a young mum but it truly does take a village.

ann toscano February 8, 2021

I will never forget my sons face when he heard the big C word. Although I am okay cancer wise now, I still live with chronic conditions that limit my activity and are treated with medications that more often than not, make me feel even more unwell than I was before starting them. For myself personally, guilt and concern for my children and family was the hardest part of being an unwell parent. It took some time but I have learned to let go of the life I had planned and to just go with it now. I also learned that there is no such thing as a perfect parent, just real ones. 

Thank you for being so raw and open about such a rough topic. 
I admire your courage to share your journey and I hope you feel a sense of pride in knowing that you are touching many lives, including your children's.