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jenzi6975 December 21, 2021

@simple simon I think because I am ugly, like, hideous, I actually strive to ensure I treat people fairly.  I remember my mother crapping on about how gorgeous, beautiful, stunning, whatever, my peers were.  All I got told was "don't get fat".  And so I got bulimic at age 12 instead!. She would probably have preferred anorexia, cos I didn't stay a skinny kid.  And she has let me know how my weight disappoints her.  And mant, MANY men have been kind enough to let me know that my personality in my friend's attractive body would make me the hottest bestest chick in town.  Yeah, thanks boys 🙄. So I know, I have lived it, and I work hard to ensure I never leave emotional scars like mine on anyone else.

jenzi6975 November 13, 2021

Yep, the phone thing.  Restrict it on weekends and holidays.  Enough time on it to make plans with friends, then get it off them.

Even as a 46 year old I make a point of having a phone break.  Go camping for a week with the phone turned off.  Off off, with an allowance of turning it on every second day for 3 minutes to check for messages/texts as I have an unwell mum and my brothers may need to contact me.
But no emails, just the messages, then off again and store it with my spare tyre - no temption if it isn't in my bag.

jenzi6975 October 21, 2021

@mamamia-user-739637812 contact your MPs and demand action!

jenzi6975 October 21, 2021

@michael Labor want to establish a Federal ICAC (or IBAC as it is called in Vic).  The Coalition are the ones resisting it.  Sure, vote Independent first preference, but you need to then preference Labor 2nd or Greens 2nd and Labor 3rd to make sure your vote counts.  Your independant candidate may or may not get in (most likely not), but at least the preference flow will lead to a Federal ICAC.

After Sports Rorts, and now Christian Porter, we cannot be questioning the urgent need to establish a powerful, INDEPENDENT, and open anti-corruption watchdog.