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jenzi6975 November 15, 2023

@mamamia-user-482898552 I'm a nurse and I watched colleagues being screamed at with foul and abusive language yesterday.  One big problem we have is that the public seem to think it is ok to behave like that.  I have myself been involved or seen colleagues punched, spat on, had IV lines ripped out and thrown at them, pregnant staff kicked in the stomach, threatened, at a former hospital we had one nurse on night duty choked to the point of unconsciousness and respiratory arrest, a colleague happened to hear a strange noise behind a curtain and found a patient trying to kill her.  Some of my workplaces have been brilliant, others not so much.  I only know of two colleagues who have had the police be involved as it went to the point of being "that bad".

What is going on in our community that people are so entitled?  It is one thing when it is someone with delirium/dementia that is offending, but when it is someone of sound mind, it is totally unacceptable.  

jenzi6975 November 8, 2023

A great resource - should be mandatory reading for all kids in year 8/9.  

jenzi6975 February 19, 2023

How did the "experts" not pick up on Harrison's gaslighting of Bronte, crapping on about how she owed him an apology and that basically they are back on track because she has apologised (wtf?) and he was so magmaminous as to forgive her (wtff?).  Am sure more is said than is broadcast, but this manupulation, gaslighting, sicko behaviour is hopefully being noted by women (and men) everywhere.  Bronte's body language was wildly disturbing, she was clinging to him desperately.  The dude is messing her up, watching her was painful to see b/c Harrison is manipulating her in front of the whole nation.

jenzi6975 November 10, 2022

@odonovanoonagh this isn't what 53 looks like for her, let alone anyone else.  This is Photoshop all the way.  As a 47 year old, I know to look at my friends and family, not celebrities and influencers with their filters and photoshopping software, to know what each age looks like.  I hate this unrealistic (and unattainable!) image that is being set for us.

jenzi6975 October 8, 2022

When in high school a friend went to a gross (creepy) GP in our country town with a sore knee.  He spun the most bizarre tale of "referred pain" and managed to convince her she needed a breast exam.  When she told me the next day I told her no way was that a thing (as a nurse I know referred pain is a thing - but boob to knee?!)  Even at 16 I knew she had been assaulted.  Other women and girls made complaints and he got the arse.   Such a disgusting betrayal of trust.

jenzi6975 October 6, 2022

Not a mother, but nor am I a "selfish...navel-gazer". 🙄 

jenzi6975 October 6, 2022

@cat it does kill because it predisposes you to a large number of cancers, it predisposes you to sleep apnoea which puts stress on your heart...the list goes on...and on.  We all know smoking is linked to lung and other cancers.  The death certificate will list cancer as the cause of death, not smoking just as it will list the cancer and not obesity.

jenzi6975 June 18, 2022

I grew up in a house with no money.  I have always been conscious of my need to have a secure job.  I remember telling one friend who had her own business how in awe of her I am, that I needed the security of a secure wage.  I know the trade-off is as a nurse I will never be a squillionaire, but I also am so grateful to have confidence and predictability in my earnings.  As someone who has struggled with OCD, I know that this stability is essential for my mental health.  

To those who take the risks, I just take my hat off to them and wish them well.  

jenzi6975 May 20, 2022

I don't have kids.  2 miscarriages (both accidents, although part of me had grief about them).  I never wanted to be a parent.  But I know, having gone through miscarriage, how difficult it was for me.  I cannot imagine the pain for someone who craves to have a baby.  I never, ever, ever ask people about their kids until they offer me that information.  Because people judging me as childfree gives me the irits (my life, my choice, my uterus) and so not having them, I don't assume everyone does. But people with them seem to assume EVERYONE does. And for some of us, not having them is fine, but for a lot of women and men, it is painful.  

jenzi6975 April 22, 2022

If the policy and goals of an independent resonates with a voter, then they should preference them first, but voters need to then remember that the likelihood of an independent getting in is low, so you need to preference at 2 or 3 either the Greens, Labor or Liberal/National, because you need to decide who you want in if your independent doesn't get in.  

Choose your own preferences, remember - you do NOT have to follow the HTV (how-to-vote) card that is given to you by any candidate.   I think it will be interesting to see how many of these "teal independents" will preference the LNP, seeing as many of them identify as in some way having had a connection to the Coalition, but are disillusioned by it re climate change.  A lot of them will not have HTVs printed (a. they are bad for the planet, b. they may not have people to hand them out and c. some of them will just be happy to get vote 1 and then let voters decide for themselves). 
Democracy, choose for yourself.

jenzi6975 March 7, 2022

I am 46, blissfully childfree.  I am happy with my choice.  I have miscarried two unwanted pregnancies and do not wonder "what if?". Instead I look at a world that is groaning under climate change and I am so pleased I have not added to the burden on this planet of more people.

I get some people (men and women both) have a strong unyielding urge to procreate, but for those who choose not to, the world should be happy and not give us a hard time, we've made a choice that helps the planet and means that other's children's  children might not inherent a completly rogered planet.  

jenzi6975 December 21, 2021

@simple simon I think because I am ugly, like, hideous, I actually strive to ensure I treat people fairly.  I remember my mother crapping on about how gorgeous, beautiful, stunning, whatever, my peers were.  All I got told was "don't get fat".  And so I got bulimic at age 12 instead!. She would probably have preferred anorexia, cos I didn't stay a skinny kid.  And she has let me know how my weight disappoints her.  And mant, MANY men have been kind enough to let me know that my personality in my friend's attractive body would make me the hottest bestest chick in town.  Yeah, thanks boys 🙄. So I know, I have lived it, and I work hard to ensure I never leave emotional scars like mine on anyone else.

jenzi6975 November 13, 2021

Yep, the phone thing.  Restrict it on weekends and holidays.  Enough time on it to make plans with friends, then get it off them.

Even as a 46 year old I make a point of having a phone break.  Go camping for a week with the phone turned off.  Off off, with an allowance of turning it on every second day for 3 minutes to check for messages/texts as I have an unwell mum and my brothers may need to contact me.
But no emails, just the messages, then off again and store it with my spare tyre - no temption if it isn't in my bag.

jenzi6975 October 21, 2021

@mamamia-user-739637812 contact your MPs and demand action!

jenzi6975 October 21, 2021

@michael Labor want to establish a Federal ICAC (or IBAC as it is called in Vic).  The Coalition are the ones resisting it.  Sure, vote Independent first preference, but you need to then preference Labor 2nd or Greens 2nd and Labor 3rd to make sure your vote counts.  Your independant candidate may or may not get in (most likely not), but at least the preference flow will lead to a Federal ICAC.

After Sports Rorts, and now Christian Porter, we cannot be questioning the urgent need to establish a powerful, INDEPENDENT, and open anti-corruption watchdog.