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dee September 23, 2020

Every single year, it is the same format/script.  The producers instruct the dads and brothers to look menacing and mistrusting,  they ask the same questions, with the older brothers thinking that their sisters are just weak females incapable of looking after themselves and need protecting.

dee September 15, 2020

More wannabees looking for only fame to come out of appearing on this show.

dee September 14, 2020

Obviously Bella trying to raise her profile to make it as an actress which the rumours of her previously being one have pretty much proven to be true.

 Just like those Bachie alumni before her who have ended up on Aussie tv,  think Sam Frost on Home and Away and Tim Robards on Neighbours. The quickest way there for Bella is to have the most screen time along with the most drama.

dee September 8, 2020

Absolutely spot on. The audition process must be so lengthy to find women who agree to play these roles, as the producers must only allow them to be on the show if they abide by acting these parts, and the girls going along with it purely for insta fame.

Dina March 24, 2020

Couldn't agree more. Impossible for him to win whatever he does in this unprecedented situation. I think he is doing the best job he can possibly do, and always relays his message always in a very calm and measured manner, unlike others out there. Well done Mr Morrison!

Dina February 2, 2020

Seriously, how does this make news? It was said on a very light hearted talk show, where guests always try to be funny( many unsuccessfully of course) and outdo the other guests on the couch! Everyone is outraged at the drop of a hat these days.

Dina January 22, 2020

Big surprise why Meghan wants nothing to do with him. Disgraceful and unforgiveable behaviour, purely motivated by the dollar.

Dina January 21, 2020

Great article, great to read the cold hard facts about the publicity machine in the very self absorbed and superficial celebrity world

Dina November 27, 2019

According to Jason Donovan's autobiography, Kylie left him for Hutchence, and it has also been documented many times that Hutchence then left Kylie for Helena Christensen. A few facts have been left out here

Dina October 9, 2019

Was so looking forward to this season as I love Angie. But yet again the producers totally ruin the show by introducing ridiculous characters who are forced to act like morons for the fake scripted drama! And as if the guy with the sunflowers wasnt told by the producers that they were Angie's favourite flower!! Yawn. Poor Angie having to deal with these bottom of the barrel men.

Dina August 23, 2019

The one and only reason she even went on this show is to simply to promote her business- you can't get better free advertising than being on this show. That is the main reason why people go on this show - look at Sam Wood with his fitness business, Sam Frost / Tim Robards acting now, Georgia Love back in the media, the Honey badger to promote his book, Laura ( Matty J) jeweller business was given great exposure. Finding love is a blessing if it happens on this show but is never usually their main priority.

Dina August 7, 2019

My thoughts exactly. This is old news, the producers are more like directors on a movie set, controlling absolutely every bit of the so called " drama ".

Dina August 1, 2019

The producers are obviously trying to up the ante- following the success of MAFS, so more staged drama and these fame hungry girls agreeing to do virtually anything told to them by the producers to ensure more instagram fame.

Dina July 25, 2019

Lets not forget all of these things occur because of the producers involvement and persuading these poor girls to do these ridiculous antics!

Dina May 15, 2019

Totally agree, it was so disappointing. I am 50, and was so looking forward to this movie, but sadly did not live up to its potential whatsoever. The beautiful scenery and cinematography was probably the highlight. A big dud overall.

Dina May 8, 2019

Purely judging by the size of Megans belly, i doubt Archie would have been born 2 weeks ago, as surely her belly would have shrunk back a bit, especially since Megan is supposed to be superfit. Also Archie might have been born by caesarean
hence the no wrinkled, old man look

Dina November 1, 2018

Lets not forget how scripted and manufactured this show is. It is all acting
These men are simply following the producers instructions to get angry/ act aggressive!
Its all fake drama

Dina November 1, 2017

Possible, but surely the media especially outlets like the daily mail which have previously uncovered and spoiled many bachelor secrets, would have have had evidence of this earlier, especially seeing that it had been announced that Sophie would be the new Bachelorette around 6 months ago and has been thrust into the spotlight since then - surely some evidence or a pic would have appeared by now- 6 months ( min) is a very long time to try and hide a new relationship, let alone help it succeed! And Sophie ( god bless her) is not such a great actress to go along with it for so long.
More likely scenario is that they were familiar with each other, had spoken a few times, felt the chemistry but hadn't officially
started dating yet.

Dina October 27, 2017

Give the poor couple a break! they are probably so sick and tired of all the intense media attention and scrutiny- along with a lot negativity regarding their relationship! Plus they don't have to prove anything with them having their hands all over one another! they are just more private. I think they are a great couple, and wish them all the best.

Dina October 20, 2017

I agree, however look at Blake making it to the final four - when Sophie previously never showed much interest in him - no doubt the producers would have definitely insisted on keeping him until the end, seeing that he was this season's villain/ bad boy, which means higher ratings. Sophie would not have had much say there, and would have just gone along with the producers in keeping him till the last week.

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