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tangerinekaleidoscope April 14, 2022

What about the kinder mini eggs? Especially the hazelnut ones they're the G. G. O. A. T

tangerinekaleidoscope April 8, 2022

The Rains Long Jacket.

It is not shiny black material that just looks cool. It looks like when my mum would make us use big black garbage bags as rain coats because we forgot to take the actual rain coats out of our school bags after the last time we used them and they smelt all damp and gross after being tied up in a plastic shopping bag. 
So triggering. 

tangerinekaleidoscope November 23, 2021

How do I become a big sister, I want to be involved in this? 

tangerinekaleidoscope October 21, 2021

For once, someones actions on this show haven't been over dramatised by another contestant. This is a literal "dog act"... my dog is constantly stealing my seat. 

tangerinekaleidoscope October 14, 2021

I want to send Sarah Mills a copy of Jakus book but I have a feeling she's to ignorant to read it. 

tangerinekaleidoscope March 29, 2021

Naaaww. Girls. This made me happy cry. 

tangerinekaleidoscope March 7, 2021

Seriously mamamia, a post baby body story? I expected more. 

tangerinekaleidoscope February 28, 2021

It takes a certain type of person to sign up to be a contestant on a reality TV show and marry a stranger. I would be willing to bet that all the contestants here all have instagram accounts full of pictures, posing and presenting themselves to the world in a very filtered way that mimics all the insane beauty standards they're now upset they were compared to. If your going to present yourself in a way that mimics unrealistic beauty standards, don't be upset that a bunch of dummies makes that same comparison and you "fail" to meet those UNREALISTIC standards.

If you're after someone with depth why would you turn to reality TV to find it? 
If they're truely serious about finding love they wouldn't sign up for the damm show in the first place. 
Genders aside they're all equally as terrible as each other. 

tangerinekaleidoscope January 24, 2021

When I clicked on the story and the page was loading I thought, wouldn't be funny if it was just nothing 😂 I was not disappointed. 

tangerinekaleidoscope October 27, 2020

@rush Great idea hun! Definitely borrowing this, thanks 😁

tangerinekaleidoscope October 27, 2020

@Caio also if you actually manage to read what those boys did in detail... Well, lets just say that the movie scene mentioned is quiet literally child's play in comparison. 

tangerinekaleidoscope October 13, 2020

Thank gaaawd!... Now end the others and every news feed will no longer be dominated by this mind numbing TV franchise.

tangerinekaleidoscope October 8, 2020

@mamamia-user-459038664 your daughter sounds like she has the self confidence we all need. Hats off to her! 

tangerinekaleidoscope October 8, 2020

@simple simon

Yes. It's happened to me many times. 

tangerinekaleidoscope October 6, 2020

@simple simon

Never under estimate a woman's abilities to zero in on someone else's perceived flaws. When there's tension or animosity towards each other women tend to play the psychological game. This is absolutely a thing. 

tangerinekaleidoscope October 4, 2020

As a flakey person, I apologise. However my flakeyness is not ever because I'm lazy or inconsiderate. Most of the time it's because of my mental health, either I'm so panicked that I can't even face the idea of leaving the house or I'm feeling so bad about myself that the idea of going out in public fills me with shame. These aren't things you say when you're offering an excuse so I doubt you'll ever hear it. Instead you'll get all the standard cancellation lines that make me seem inconsiderate but it's easier than the truth. While some people really are inconsiderate others have things plaguing them that might make it harder to be a consistently stable person. 

All I'm saying is that if there's a pattern of flakey behaviour then it might be driven by something other than selfishness. I know it's easy to say that you won't be the one putting in the effort all the time, but as one of the flakey ones, it means the world that you do not give up on us. If you are the committer, I'd encourage you to commit to ensuring your flakey friend is OK and that there isn't something bigger under the surface that's making them act the way they do before writing us off. 

tangerinekaleidoscope October 1, 2020

It's ironic that these people pushing these products and presenting a highly edited version of themselves do not see how toxic they are as fake people, presenting filtered shots into their "#blessed" lives.

tangerinekaleidoscope September 24, 2020

I would love to know if there's any distinction from those who groom their eyebrows to be bold and distinctive, and those people who are naturally brow endowed?

If bushy brows are something your born with are you also just born with narcissistic tendancies? Or is the decider that a person who chooses to have distinctive brows is doing so because they're motivated by their narcissism? 
It seems like a very broad observation to say anyone with thick brows is narcissistic.

tangerinekaleidoscope September 20, 2020

I can identify with these bahaviours %100!

Sometimes I feel like I'm not good enough for nice things or a cleaner house because I'm such a hot mess. Only recently have I made the connection between my state of mind and the state of my house - clear floors, bench tops and sink; clear mind. 
Yes some days seem harder than others, and those days become a week or two but, knowing it's not just me is going to make it easier to get off my own back about it next time I'm in an emotional slump. 
Hang in there, next time you hit the bottom, know that I'm there, a total stranger, sitting on the floor amongst my own junk and being OK with it because of your words. 
Thanks. X

tangerinekaleidoscope September 3, 2020

This movie exceeded my expectations, by alot. I enjoyed it very much although, I was left feeling depressed for my gender. The sad fact is that the women's movement depicted in I Am Women was not a moment in history, it is now. The scenery and styles have changed and there has been progress but, watching I Am Women reminded that the fight for equal rights still goes on. It's 2020, soon it'll be 2021 and women the US are still fighting for the ERA to be ratified.