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missmc August 4, 2022

I am so sorry for what happened to Archie and all  Aboriginal people impacted by the Stolen Generation at the hands of our governments. 

An incredible story, I am glad that he found happiness along the way.  
RIP Archie, you have left an amazing legacy 

missmc July 14, 2022

It is amazing that Suzanne, Michael and Cheryl story was uncovered and told. Sadly the system let them down by releasing such a person. When will authorities learn.
Rest In Peace Suzanne, Michael and Cheryl

missmc July 9, 2022

I think the toe nail fungus advertising in this article says it about Trump, Johnson and Morrison. Unfortunately just like toe fungus, the disaster they have left behind is had to eradicate. America is in a world of hurt and it impacts up all. if Trump gets back in or another populist like him I don’t like it will remain a democracy and what does that mean for Australia. At least the Westminster system can turf arsehole Prime Ministers out. 

missmc July 9, 2022

Populist leaders will be the downfall of democracy. Just like everybody else these arseholes surely must meet a criteria to be allowed to govern a nation. 

The ridiculous hair do screamed - arsehole dressed up as common peoples. It was a red flag for me. What a disgrace a human being. 

jlm March 15, 2021

Great article. What an eye opener. How on earth has this lack of process been allowed. It is definitely one set of rules for politicians ( none) and another set for everyone else. It explains so much, the Wild West!!