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missmc February 20, 2024

Thanks always on the look out for new face creams. Can you review ESK products by any chance. I’ve been using them for about 1 month and they are Aussie own and made 

missmc February 18, 2024

Reading this article has helped me understand this phenomenal woman and the swifties. I was smiling all the way through. It makes complete sense and I think you are right about what sets her apart from the other amazing artists like Gaga and Beyoncé and huge bands like U2 and Cold Play. 

missmc February 16, 2024

@laurenella we don’t use the word ‘tool’ enough in view haha. He seems exactly that. On the other hand there are plenty of relationship of tools and geniuses!

missmc January 22, 2024

Excellent article, seems like tennis needs a going over.  It’s a sick culture. 

missmc December 28, 2023

Payback - Britbox - professional couple family where the husband is murdered, wife finds out he was working for an organised crime boss the hard way. So gripping. 

Mum - Britbox - hilarious with meaning. The characters Pauline and Kelly are wonderful 
Slow horses - Apple, good old English spy show. Witty, clever 

missmc December 18, 2023

Unfortunately this shit sells. I wonder if he was always like this or if he has jumped on the Trump band wagon of saying absolutely anything if it gets you money and a fan base. 

missmc December 12, 2023

Perfect, I’ll get a few of those suggestions especially the book and perfume 

missmc December 12, 2023

I hadn’t heard of this A..hole until this blow up. Sadly I think it’s a trend, these sorts of grotesque and misogynistic comments seem to attack a following of other A..holes spreading the same vial. 

missmc December 2, 2023

Love the target pants and the last pair of jeans. I always on the look out for a good t-shirt as well. 

missmc November 22, 2023

@gu3st there was plenty of that in the sorted magazines back in the day I used to buy them. It’s all ridiculous:-)

missmc October 24, 2023

A thought provoking article. 

Britney never had much of a childhood, she was deprived of that, it has long lasting impacts. Who nurtured Britney, what was her relational connections like. Who had her back, you wonder. I imagine Britney longs for connection and to be and feel loved for who she is, not what she does . I hope she gets that. 

missmc September 20, 2023

Spot on Holly, excellent analysis as always. 

missmc September 18, 2023

Well written article. These alternate universes that these celebrities or populist’s create are so dangerous, how on earth to we turn it all around. 

missmc September 13, 2023

Thanks Holly, excellent analysis. So many red flags all seen as one offs/silly fun. The fortitude of the women involved is  quite something. Then to apologise for not speaking up early. Heartbreaking. 

missmc September 9, 2023

@shauna020473 totally agree. 

missmc September 3, 2023

Thanks, it’s so hard to find clothes that aren’t from the usual chain shops. 

missmc September 3, 2023

@snorks no you are being asked to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Islander people in the constitution. It pretty straight forward. 

missmc September 3, 2023

This is the best explainer I have read so far. Everyone should share the f*** out of it! Thank you. 

missmc August 4, 2023

Sounds like a great bloke, must do wonders for sibling relationships. 

Obscene wealth by individuals /families will contribute to the end of democracies. They carry so much influence. Perhaps an article on that will be more illuminating. Imagine if the world stopped buying all the crap they develop for a week, month!! 

missmc June 11, 2023

Thank you for a excellent article on OCD 

This is a serious and debilitating mental illness often minimised by only tv and movies. My daughter has suffered since she was 9 years old. Thankfully i relentless in understanding OCD and eventually worked out I was part of the problem getting caught up in my daughters rituals. Please write more on this and other mental illnesses.