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caz May 25, 2024

Left after 20 years.... one week after turning 40.  The next five years were exciting, difficult, tough, exhausting and fabulous all at the same time then I met the man who I was supposed to meet.. 18 years on we have all that we need - each other 

caz May 22, 2024

Privilege that my father did not get as he died at 59.  I used to think he was old now at 63 I see just how much of a waste it was.  I have missed him each and every day of the past 40 years.  Just live ever moment- I didn't understand the concept, now I do.

caz May 17, 2024

Religion based rhetoric, what a crock of shit. It makes me sad for this generation of women and girls because previous generations fought so hard to move past this.  Go back to playing with your balls mate. 

caz May 6, 2024

Still laughing.... love it for the absolutely ridiculousness of it all 

caz February 17, 2024

Taylor just put down the kool aid and think...these are the best days of your life and if he is out there you will meet him.  Relax super girl as you are the catch xxxxc

caz January 20, 2024

Why are we not helping these women before it's too late.  Someone needs to form an emergency escape plan for his current and future women.  It's definitely NOT Ok

caz December 15, 2023

Men need to do better ....let's start with the boys in Primary School and show by example that this reactive, violent, disgusting behaviour WILL NOT BE tolerated on any level.  Prison is were they go for any violent behaviour- let them then fight it out there like animals.  When the wording "King Hit" was changed to "Coward" it sent a strong message so let's call it "Coward Violence" and start again. 

caz December 14, 2023

Don't worry girls all that personality and large large ego is probably compensating for something that is extremely small....NEXT 

caz December 10, 2023

Entitled white misogynist billionaire - I feel so sad for her, trapped before the wedding.  He is a PIG

caz December 9, 2023

Life is a lottery- we are all born with nothing or everything and what you do with your years on this earth is a bonus, wealthy or poor please make the most of life as there is only one - and nothing else xxc

caz December 6, 2023

Please please delete everything now, no matter what happens she will blame you and you will lose her.  Like Holly said "you are not a detective" just be a loving friend and a sounding board xxxxc

caz November 19, 2023

Thanks to you Mia I am back on the reading train ...out of the demographic I might be by about 20 years .. but love your articles, fashion stories and makeup moments.  You are both doing an outstanding job, well done xxxc

caz October 6, 2023

Fact is men are allowed to have random sex, married or not and women get the blame for leading them astray.... that my friends is the world we all live in.  

caz August 31, 2023

Just because they are celebrities -  example being Michael Jackson who was able to run rampant with drugs and underage sex just because people chose to ignore and enable - they should be held accountable for bad behaviour just as the rest of us low individuals would be.  Get Ye some help before he ends up like Mr Jackson

caz July 22, 2023

Totally agree about the airtime - here we are still discussing him nope I’m done forever he is a grifter, cheat and greedy man who has used his some what intelligent brain for evil - surprised he is not in Government 

caz July 6, 2023

I have not forgotten and will never forgive - he has imaginary friends and will leave this world a lonely cranky man.  Would not cross the street to see him or his movies,  yuck just yuck.

caz June 19, 2023

We did this…we created a generation of self entitled adults who have been allowed to act like tantrum throwing children well into their 30’s.  So what I advise is turn off all stupid (social) media like fb and insta and go outside and play with your real friends - if nobody is watching and they don’t make money perhaps they will grow up.

caz May 29, 2023

We seem to be offended by everything……what is happening people can’t we joke around.  If you don’t like the humour move to the next thing simple!!

caz May 24, 2023

Thank you Sally, I have been wearing a topper for over 2 years now and have 3.  I get mine from a lovely girl in Albion Park - Faux Hair she is lovely and has completely changed my appearance. 

caz April 12, 2023

Nothing like a life of privilege- surveying the people below.  Pretty sure that's why it's called "I'm a celebrity". Get ME out of here lol