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caz April 7, 2022

My dad passed away from Non Hodgkin Lymphoma 35 years ago and the physical pain and waves of grief were ongoing for years.  A gf of mine finally encouraged me to see a shrink and with therapy the pain passed and I was able to move forward.  We all deal with our loss so differently and your article will help so many thankyouxxxc

caz March 21, 2022

Turn the tv OFF and let the network know that this is not appropriate behaviour- kindergarten to old age we women are our own worst enemy 

caz February 3, 2022

Sack him and the Board - it is a disgusting situation in this the 21st century when we are trying to cope with so much hatred in the world. Who the hell do they think they are, oh In know Rich, White Entitled Men (and some women) this is not the answer and never will be.

caz February 2, 2022

We have to start with small children - let’s have a class about kindness and the difference between frustration and rage.  Let’s  teach our little people that they never ever take their frustrations out on another person.  The problem then becomes different if they are seeing this bad behaviour at home.  It’s devastating and I thank my lucky stars I wasn’t born into either 

caz December 14, 2021

This article sums up why I never watched Sex in the City, having been through a divorce, single life and finally meeting a decent calm man the drama we put ourselves through is totally unnecessary - hindsight is definitely 20/20 vision.

caz November 11, 2021

I love you Holly

caz September 14, 2021

Thank you Chels was the funniest review and on fucking point.  These people clearly did not take their required meds - I don’t know why I care but I loved it xxxxc