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chris July 8, 2021

No. No. No. saying anger is misdirected allows those who know better to relieve themselves of guilt. My 12 year old knows that healthcare workers and frontline workers and the vulnerable are first (and then by age bracket) - he hasn’t asked for himself. We haven’t asked for him because we know ITS NOT OUR TURN - basic childhood rule OFTEN ignored by the elite (remember the rich family that sailed up the coast in the Victorian lockdown). They should never have asked and they should have absolutely questioned the error, because everyone in the country knows whose turn it is. This article suggesting it’s misdirected anger only helps to validate society reflecting privilege guilt. 

chris December 12, 2020

You will literally give zero [email protected]*ks in not very long as life barrels on. I promise. 

chris September 23, 2020

And that right there is why my kids go to school at our local high school to live life within their community. Not bubbled up in a fake manufactured privileged cookie cutter version of life. 🤮

chris August 2, 2020

Oh how I love this article!!! Our little boy has come to us via foster care and in a million years I didn’t think we would fall in love hard enough to want to be forever parents again. We have three older children between 11 and 15 and this little one is 14 months. He may or may not stay, those decisions are out of our hands but how you describe experiencing your youngest child exactly mirrors our experience. We just enjoy him so much. And we seem to have so much more to give him... including three doting older siblings. I’ve worried so much about being ‘older’ parents and this article has landed in my lap so I’m going to take that as a sign! Thank you. 

chris June 7, 2020

You actually aren’t doing what anyone else would do - It’s very brave to put your hands up to foster a child in the first place - we (I am also a foster carer) are as rare as hens teeth, which is why there is such a strain on the system. And why it has to be so very desperate before a child is removed from harms way. I wish the department would consider a more sustainable and supported system... perhaps shared care between two families in cases where there are children with high needs due to trauma, giving everyone (including the child) a chop out and some back up. You have chosen a very hard path to love and care for this child for the long haul. Of course you aren’t perfect, of course you are flawed - The perfect parent Or human does not exist.

Please.  At least one moment of each day, take a breath and remember that truly,  (statistics back me up!) the choice and commitment you made is special. 

chris June 3, 2020

What a shame throwing title to this article... 🤮