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marmaduke October 20, 2020

How can you exclude Sacha's work on Spy!? He is an immense talent. 

marmaduke June 14, 2020

So, setting aside the anti vaccination stuff, Silverstone can parent however she wants but the way she goes about expressing her opinions is so judgey and laden with shaming statements - "a barred-in box completely alone" ... ? These kinds of statements are exactly the type of feedback she likely rages against when people question whether her methods are sound.

marmaduke June 5, 2020

He's spent a little too long gazing into the sun.

marmaduke May 12, 2020

This husband honestly sounds like such a downer. No evidence of him doing anything to try to help you and your children with the adjustment, but expecting everyone to tip toe around him because he's 'on the phone!'. ugh.

Max Black March 24, 2020

uggggghhhh someone mute this guy please!

Max Black March 24, 2020

Today on "Things that Didn't Happen"

Max Black March 15, 2020

Any curly person worth their salt knows that "and an ingredient called dimethicone" means silicone and is rubbish for curls.

Max Black January 22, 2020

This dude is such a pig.

Max Black January 14, 2020

You know, a lot of the people demanding the government enact change are also doing lots of practical things.

Max Black January 9, 2020

"I have gotten rid of all my plastic". All of those things come from the shops in plastic. Emptying a plastic container into a jar is not "getting rid of" plastic.

Max Black January 5, 2020

we're traumatising our poor robots.

Max Black December 19, 2019

Christmas LOBSTER.

Max Black December 12, 2019

lol. Shut up troll.

Max Black December 8, 2019

Another violent attack against an innocent woman* and you just spin the wheel and see if it lands on;
1. On Parole
2. On Bail
3. History of mental illness
4. Known to Police

3 today, another man* who shouldn’t be out on our streets, who should be either still behind bars or receiving mental health help in a secure facility. Thanks again Government for another violent offender out in the community.

There. Fixed it for you. This is a gendered issue and pretending it isn't helps no one.

Max Black November 28, 2019

Lol. Did you miss the part where he published a booked with a recipe in for babies that could kill them?

Max Black November 26, 2019

Your eyebrows looks so bloody good.

Max Black November 21, 2019

Sounds about white. An ethnic family would never.

Max Black November 20, 2019

I'd like to add: At the carousel when waiting for your bags you do not need to stand with your shins against the carousel. Stand back and look for your bag from afar. Move forward when you You shouldn't be anywhere near the carousel until you actually see your bag.

Max Black November 19, 2019

I have the same issue - my hair won't hold an artificial curl - even though my hair is naturally curly! If I want a sleeker style and straighten it first then try to curl it, the most I'm lucky to get a few big waves.

Max Black November 18, 2019

1. 'free speech' isn't a thing in Australia. 2. Free speed in the US is NOT the 'right to say what you want regardless of -what people think about it-. It's freedom to express your views without fear of GOVERNMENT persecution.
That means, in the US, if your boss sees a tweet where you're being an obvious bag of garbage, they can fire you. It doesn't mean you can say whatever you want without any consequences.

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