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marmaduke January 26, 2022

@michael This very much has the energy of  "I don't hold a hose".. No kidding. But you're the leader of a country and your citizens are in need. 

marmaduke January 26, 2022

The number of people in these comments PRESSED because a woman isn't smiling is a joke. Grace Tame doesn't owe our smarmy, smirking, shirking embarrassment of a PM a single thing. 

marmaduke January 10, 2022

"3. I don’t exercise to lose weight."

So much this.  I walk 5km a day with my dog because he is a terror without the exercise and I love that his needs get me out of the house into our beautiful park to look at the birds and spot platypus in the river. I'm also fat. 
Recently a friend came along for a walk with me "Maybe this isn't actually 5km? It feels shorter? I think you should be doing longer walks. Could you go faster maybe or double the walk?" 
No. None of those things. Sometimes I walk briskly (hello freezing winter evenings) and sometimes I stroll. I am not doing it to lose weight. 

marmaduke November 8, 2021

@cat But objectification and assault/abuse/exploitation aren't the same thing. 

marmaduke October 25, 2021

@smart cookie I hear you, but the first time I harnessed and buckled my dog into my car, he chewed through the seatbelt (in 1 minute flat) to free himself. Cost me hundreds to replace the seatbelt. Now he gets put in the boot and there's a barrier between the boot and the back seat.

marmaduke October 11, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 This. My elderly father is severely immunocompromised. He has had two major surgeries this year and is undergoing chemo for the second time - he is fully vaxxed. It was vital he get vaccinated. Medical exemptions exist but they are rare as hens teeth. It is for the people who cannot be vaccinated that we must all do our part. 

marmaduke December 22, 2020

@anon- " kids are very much capable of achieving that, so if they don't, it will almost certainly be due to lack of effort, not lack of ability. "

YIKES. Honestly. Sometimes you can try very very hard at something and not achieve the outcome you want, or 'succeed' at it. Learning that as an adult took me a LONG time. I wouldn't do something if I didn't think I'd be excellent at because I was raised with this attitude - that if you put the effort in you'll get the result. Growing up being taught that was not healthy for me.

marmaduke October 20, 2020

How can you exclude Sacha's work on Spy!? He is an immense talent. 

marmaduke June 14, 2020

So, setting aside the anti vaccination stuff, Silverstone can parent however she wants but the way she goes about expressing her opinions is so judgey and laden with shaming statements - "a barred-in box completely alone" ... ? These kinds of statements are exactly the type of feedback she likely rages against when people question whether her methods are sound.

marmaduke June 5, 2020

He's spent a little too long gazing into the sun.

marmaduke May 12, 2020

This husband honestly sounds like such a downer. No evidence of him doing anything to try to help you and your children with the adjustment, but expecting everyone to tip toe around him because he's 'on the phone!'. ugh.

Max Black March 24, 2020

uggggghhhh someone mute this guy please!

Max Black March 24, 2020

Today on "Things that Didn't Happen"

Max Black March 15, 2020

Any curly person worth their salt knows that "and an ingredient called dimethicone" means silicone and is rubbish for curls.

Max Black January 22, 2020

This dude is such a pig.

Max Black January 14, 2020

You know, a lot of the people demanding the government enact change are also doing lots of practical things.

Max Black January 9, 2020

"I have gotten rid of all my plastic". All of those things come from the shops in plastic. Emptying a plastic container into a jar is not "getting rid of" plastic.

Max Black January 5, 2020

we're traumatising our poor robots.

Max Black December 19, 2019

Christmas LOBSTER.

Max Black December 12, 2019

lol. Shut up troll.