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emily.rovelli February 12, 2024

Oh-so-much I want to say here as an 18 year public high school experienced teacher. Fully agreeing with Alessandra below….  Our preparation and correction time in QLD hasn’t changed since the 1970s and there is literally not enough time provided to do the job properly. Time is spent following up behaviour, and really woeful and disrespectful behaviour too. So many students are so complex. There is, in many ways, more support than ever provided in our schools (for students) and yet…. Teachers’ hearts are breaking because it is becoming untenable. You don’t have to be genius to look at the link between schools and youth crime…consequences??

emily.rovelli February 8, 2024

Beautifully written. Dalton has such a way with words 🩷. Sarah, your story sounds so very traumatic. You have well articulated the love/grief experience. So very sorry for your loss x

emily.rovelli January 1, 2024

This is great. My sisters and I (aged 39, 37 and 35) discussed this article and hooted with laughter about all the accidental things we did and all the purposeful ones too! Betty Newby packed up and left Bob we upset her so much 🤣. We spent many a school holiday hour taking turns on Sims, especially before the cheats! We accidentally killed one on the toilet as the door but built too close to the toilet itself and we couldn’t work out she couldn’t get out!

We would discuss our Sims at the dinner table and our parents originally thought we were talking about people we knew or neighbours. “Robbed?” And “Died in a fire?” Oh it was funny!

emily.rovelli June 2, 2023

This was beautifully written. I have experienced deep grief losing my Mum (at age 58) from bowel cancer and, at times, think that I wouldn’t have survived if something had have happened to my babies. I feel it would be even more profound, such loss. I’m so glad Jessie got to take her baby boy home for a little while. X

emilyjane84 March 3, 2023

Hmmm. Big difference being aged 25. The “other woman” in my story was a mother of three herself and aged 35 when she started seeing my husband. We have two children together. Her behavior is not to be excused. She had full knowledge of what she was doing (esp to my children), even when you take into account the lies he would have told. We don’t have to explain or excuse behaviour of these women.