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everyone has issues June 28, 2022

My son has all the same diagnoses as yours and I feel your struggle. He has been suspended many times from “normal” schools and from schools for kids with behavioural and emotional disturbances but I have battled on with an imperfect education system.

We have met educators who have harshly judged and made things so much worse but we have also met wonderful staff who are patient and kind. A lot more training is needed for teachers and more support is essential for our kids in the classroom but if you find the right team, it helps make everyone’s life more manageable.
My son is now 11 and the physical aggression has significantly decreased but he still struggles with self-regulation and frustration tolerance. Like your son, he’s smart and hilarious and when he’s calm, he’s very engaging. NDIS is worth persevering with although you need to find a good specialist who can write the supporting letter that will make all the difference to your funding. I also recommend Hireup - their support workers have been amazing and it will give you a bit of relief as well as some connection for your son. 
Your son is lucky to have you working so hard for him and as you already know, you’re not alone in this struggle. Sending lots of love and support.

everyone has issues June 7, 2022

In her interview, Mandy Moore says Ryan Adams did NOT offer her a private apology - did that change or is this a typo?

everyone has issues February 7, 2022

Before I read this, I thought I had an understanding of eating disorders but this showed me I really had no idea what it feels like and how much mental effort is involved in living with it. I wish it would be easier for you but hopefully you know you’re doing an amazing job just showing up for the challenge.

everyone has issues September 18, 2021

As a mum of 1 neurodiverse child and 2 neurotypical children, I’ve been both amazed by people’s kindness and stunned by the the lack of insight of a few. A brief interaction at the supermarket is NEVER the right time for a counsellor to deliver unsolicited advice - it sounds extremely unprofessional. 

As parents we are often on the receiving end of “helpful hints” from complete strangers without any knowledge of the background of the situation. You know your child and your family and you are in a far better position to decide what is best for them. Let’s hope she went home and realised she shouldn’t have sounded so judgemental and regretted what she said!

everyone has issues October 6, 2020

I cringe when I remember the times I silently  judged others until my youngest son started to struggle at school. Now I know how some kids can look like they’re exploding when they are extremely distressed. 

Our son felt like he had so many failures as some educators and clinicians didn’t understand how he thinks and learns and he went from being extremely friendly and engaging, to anxious and mistrustful. At his current school, rather than talking about a  child being “manipulative” or “having a meltdown”, they speak about “a child in crisis” and they work hard to preserve their dignity and reduce their shame. 

If our kids had an epileptic seizure, others wouldn’t stand around in judgement,  the focus would be on empathy and safety-  so why should this condition (and many others) be any different? I have met so many parents who are going through something similar with kids who struggle at various ages and I realise life is complicated and we all have our issues. Some struggles can be obvious, but sometimes they look invisible to others, so I try to be kind. I hope you find people who see your child for more than just his struggles and ignore people who have no idea.

judith July 10, 2020

I know what it’s like to have a close friendship end and years later still be trying to work out how it all disappeared. I wonder if it is easier to imagine that your friend’s husband is the one influencing her rather than seeing your friend as being the one responsible for letting the friendship go.

It sounds like your friend struggled with balancing her new, coupled life (including religion) and her friendship with you and that is a bitter to pill to swallow. Some people drop friends when they become a couple and that hurts. Maybe they felt the friendship had run its course or maybe they’re just a bad friend. Either way she let go of something that was important to you (and presumably her at some point) and she wasn’t able to clearly communicate with you. I hope you have other good friends that value you and your friendship.