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mamamia-user-866993868 August 7, 2021

This actually brings me comfort.
I'm married to an Australian but I'm European and I'm finding the uncertainty very difficult. When will I get to see my parents and siblings again? Will my nieces ever get to come and visit me? How hard will it be to come back to Australia if I have to leave? So many thoughts I'm constantly suppressing. 
Reading that someone who is born here can feel the same way I do just makes me feel a tiny bit not alone. Sending the author a big hug. Thank you ♥

mamamia-user-866993868 July 2, 2020

My aunt and her husband adopted a 9 month-old Romanian boy in 2000. He was raised an only child, with fancy holidays, soccer classes, any activity he was interested in and loads of love and patience. He went to see a psychologist early on so that they could help with any trauma. However, in high school, he started bullying other kids, stealing in shops and ended up being expelled from 2 schools before he decided to drop out at 16. He even went so far as to threaten my aunt that he would kill her whenever she tried to show any kind of authority. He then went to court to ask to be placed in a different family. He is now 20 and doesn't work, he lives in an apartment that's paid for by the government, struggles to be in any social situation. He had a girlfriend for a while who he was violent with. He still speaks to my aunt every few months and goes from telling her he loves her to 'I never want to see you again'. My aunt is currently divorcing, both her and her husband have felt that they failed. I'm not sure this is true for all of these kids but no amount of love could fix him. 

Amy April 19, 2020

It got real for me when I heard Italy was going into lockdown. We were there for our honeymoon in October and seeing how many tourists were there when we were, I thought that the Italian government saying 'no' to this much money was bad omen.

Amy November 5, 2019

Agree with all points above. Can we also comment on how strangely shot this movie was? Seriously, it felt like the cameramen were running in circles around the characters! Very odd shooting style. My 10 year-old niece would probably have done a better job at filming this!

Amy June 7, 2019

I can totally relate. I'm a 31 year-old married teacher and motherhood does not appeal to me one bit.
When I was younger, I felt differently.
In my head, it was like getting a puppy and then having a big holiday to take care of it.
But once people around me started having them, things changed. All I could hear was the sleepless nights, the change in the relationship, the financial strain, the body damage, and frankly it all became overwhelming.

Then, again some women deal with motherhood really well. I have a friend who is loving being a mum. However when you speak to her husband, he is anxious and will willingly discuss how lost he feels and how he's now stuck in a job that he doesn't love so that he can feed his family.
The strain on the relationship is scary.
The financial side of things is even worse.

I do wonder if something will happen in my brain and I'll suddenly want to get pregnant. I'm actually a bit worried that the fear of missing out will get to me around 35, what if I regret not having one?
My sister has had 2 and advised me not to have any, unless I was 100%. Don't see that happening any time.

Amy June 14, 2015

I totally agree with your comment. I haveactually met the girl and personally believe that she knew exactly what she was doing. Definitely wouldn't have sued him if she had got the promotion he promised her.