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emh July 6, 2020

This is a teaching moment. 

You can model to her to feel “ripped off”, encouraging victimhood, short sightedness and immaturity.
Or, you can let her know life is going to continue to throw these kinds of things at her year after year, and to tackle it head on, find a silver lining and get on with it with a smile. 

emh June 20, 2020

@pretendingtobeontheloo none of these parents mention having children on the spectrum, I guess you never know unless the family wants to give that info. 

Kids without sensory processing disorders who don’t eat what their parents give them are the result of a lack of discipline. The parent letting their kid only eat sushi and it costing them a fortune... wrapped them right around his little finger! 

emh June 12, 2020

I would have to side with your husband on this. You are acting like a friend.

First major red flag is her, and your allowing of, blocking you. I don’t think I agree with having passwords after a certain stage of development, nor do I agree with comments and so forth, but you’ve got to be at least allowed to see the page.
Please think about her digital footprint and future. These images are permanently out there. 
Finally think about who else might think she looks beautiful in the photos. Would it be okay for a 15 year old to? How about an 18 year old. What about the predators in their 30s,40s and 50s who have access to her page, that you can’t even see... tread carefully. 

emh June 9, 2020

Lots of these ladies must be paying upkeep for faux blonde. Expensive habit! 

I dye and cut my own hair, and have done for years. I do a job as good or better than most hairdressers I’ve been to. My hair also grows like a weed so to keep it in a bob I would need to be going once a month, and it adds up. For an event I’ll shill out for a wash and style as I can’t do that as well as a professional. 

emh June 4, 2020

I think this article is skimming over that bankruptcy is a life long decision, not to be taken lightly. This woman had many options... with 5k in savings, that’s 1/4 of either the credit card or 1/5 of the car paid down right away. 

Selling the expensive car, getting a no redraw personal loan and consolidating the debt, moving a few suburbs away to somewhere less expensive with a room mate, even if you need to walk 20-30 mins to the train. You’ll come to enjoy it. 
Sell a few things from around the house. While it feels pretty crap selling a handbag/some art/jewellery/fancy appliance at the time, you’ll find you don’t actually miss it and forget all about it in a week. Use this money right away on debt. I’m not talking about heirlooms, I’m talking about the expensive things you never use that went on the credit card in the first place.
Keep the streaming- but have one going per billing cycle and let the others lapse, as you’re never going to fully utilise all three. For a single person, 800 a month on food is obscene - easily cut by half with careful meal planning and cooking at home for 9/10 of your meals, as again, you can’t deny yourself all the time. Stop being embarrassed about buying homebrand foods. They’re the exact same. 
Ditch all insurance and super contributions until the water is calm. They’re nice things to have but not essential. Review your internet, phone and power contracts (and your habits) as they’re again very high for a single person. In the last five or so years $150-200 is an electric bill for a quarter for me. This is also where a room mate for 12 months comes in very handy! 
I came from a similar situation as the poster with a lower pre covid income and have been doing the above for a bit more than a year, and I’m just a few thousand away from being debt free. Anyone else thinking of bankruptcy please give yourself 12 months of tough love and see how great it feels at the end. You’ll adopt some positive long term habits and still be able to apply for a home loan in the future.