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bakes March 3, 2021

I’m 38. I went to a public co-ed high school. I was raped twice in high school and sexually assaulted in other ways by various boys who thought it was their god given right to have whatever they wanted, when they wanted it. Because I had attended parties and been drinking that apparently made it my fault. Yet, when I finally confided in someone after the first time, the whole school was told I was a sl*t who wanted it and asked for it. My own girlfriends blamed me. The boys were encouraged by this and took it as permission to ‘try their luck’ and I received many unwanted comments and attempts to coerce me into sex. This is an issue that has been going on since the dawn of time. 

Taking advantage of girls who are unsure and lack assertiveness has always been an issue. Girls are raised to be polite and to not cause trouble. Men and boys feel entitled, and women make excuses. The saying ‘boys will be boys’ is one of the most horrendous, enabling sayings that ever came into existence.
My heart breaks for these girls who have told their stories. When will this end?!?! When our own government doesn’t care about the welfare of women in this country. When the police mismanage domestic violence constantly. When rich men feel like women are possessions or families with money believe they can pay the issue to go away. When will this f**king end.

When men and boys are not held accountable. When excuses are always made. When males are treated as though their penis is not something they have control of. This make me rage.