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tashlassalle November 14, 2021

Wow she is stunningly gorgeous 🤩

tashlassalle February 11, 2021

@mamamia-user-236023277 LOL Mr and Mrs George Brooksbank are her husband Jack’s parents. Why would Eugenie need to be informed of her own son’s birth 

tashlassalle June 8, 2020

Do you know who is shocked? White people. I don’t know a single person of colour (myself included) who doesn’t have similar or worse personal experiences of being subject to racism in this country. 

Tabitha May 5, 2018

How awful, so sorry to hear this happened to him, this is my worst nightmare. Thank goodness you had your wits about you and went to check on him when you did. What did you say when you saw them on the couch and what was his reaction??

Tabitha May 5, 2018

Even before I had kids I knew I’d never be OK with sleepovers, partly because I am a victim of sexual abuse myself and I have several friends who have also been abused as children. A friend in high school was sexually abused at a sleepover by the host friend’s father and was exposed to pornographic material. Another friend of mine was molested during a play date at her friend’s home. The mothers were hanging out in the kitchen downstairs and the host friend had an older brother in his twenties, who lured the visiting friend to his room and molested her. Her mother completely trusted this family and had watched this young man grow up and had no reason to question him. My sister’s friend was raped repeatedly from when she was a child by her own uncle during visits to his home. They were learning about sexual abuse in a Personal Development/ Physical Ed class in year seven when it dawned on her that what she had experienced was rape, before that she didn’t realise because she had been abused and manipulated for so long. I think you should trust your instinct and do not let people shame you for wanting to protect your children, this isn’t a shameful desire. Don’t forget that you declining an invitation for a sleepover is not passing judgment on this man per se, although people might accuse you of that. You declining an invitation for a sleepover is you doing what you as a mother are comfortable with. If by implication the inviter feels judged, well that isn’t your problem. You need to draw the line with what you are comfortable with and that needs to be respected by everyone, including your daughter and your daughter’s friends/friend’s parents.