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mccourt August 17, 2021

I cannot imagine how terrifying this situation must have been. I’m so glad things for them have got better.

mccourt June 14, 2021

Nothing short of this family being returned to Biloela is actual compassion. This move by the minister is political spin to try and ride out the storm until the media moves on to the next headline.  They belong in Biloela they are Australian in my eyes regardless or where they were born. 

mccourt June 8, 2021

We cannot let Australian voters forget the depths of the cruelty that this government has inflicted on this poor defenceless family. They belong home in Bilo. 

mccourt May 31, 2021

I’m feeling every word of this article!  And I completely agree. I’m saying no to working on weekends and at night and I’m saying no to killing myself for a company who could care less if was me doing the job or somebody else.

mccourt April 21, 2021

I felt so bad for her when her testimony was on given. She couldn’t have done anything to save George Lloyd in those circumstances, it just wasn’t possible, but she did do the best she could and caught his killer. 

mccourt April 5, 2021

Flying business class is the ultimate, I’ve done it with a free upgrade and also cashed in some points.  It is a good time!! I was also offered the chance to purchase an upgrade last time I went to Europe... it was the price of a round trip economy ticket so I passed.... it was a really long trip home thinking I could be in business class relaxing! 

mccourt March 10, 2021

I have a couple of colleagues who have regular conversations that go something like this:

“you’re like so annoying”
“No you’re so annoying”
“But you are actually annoying”  and it goes on...
So there’s that! 

mccourt March 10, 2021

Could not agree more with this. I hear colleagues talking about working until 10pm or logging on on the weekend and it’s just a no no no, I just can’t do it!  

mccourt March 7, 2021

I don’t understand why people keep linking the Andrew story to H&M situation. Andrew must be investigated by the law enforcement.   

mccourt March 4, 2021

History is repeating itself... both Harry’s parents discussed their person issues in the public via the media.... which is exactly what they are doing.  They both also been photographed by paparazzi in LA at his week so what type of freedom do they have in the US.   They really have to accept that not everybody is going to like them and if they were serious about their philanthropy they would let there actions speak louder than their words. 

mccourt March 4, 2021

Me thinks doth protest too much.  

Done nothing wrong have nothing to worry about in my experience. 

mccourt February 22, 2021

As far as I see it they went to the boss asking for a new job that didn’t exist. When the boss said no they had 2 choices- either suck it up and go back to there normal job or leave.  At the end of the day the decisions on the direction on the “firm” weren’t their’s to make.   They made their decision and the Queen made her’s, that’s life.  Live and die by our decisions.  

mccourt February 9, 2021

This family are the most amazing people.  Just beautiful humans and I admire them. Could I do what they have done, I’m not sure and that is the challenge. I wish them peace and light. As for the driver, I feel for him and his family as well having to live with that burden.

mccourt February 9, 2021

Who she’s in a relationship with is not anyone’s business- BUT when the evidence of her “not wanting to know” ... that is pretty damning. And that is the point she should have reported the relationship and what she knew. She is the state premier and as such must be subject to higher standards of conduct.  

mccourt December 7, 2020

Clinique Lash power is the best mascara I’ve used. My lashes look long, curled, defined and it stays put. Love it!

mccourt July 6, 2020

@david s you’re spot on. I note they also said they’d dropped her “as a regular” so what’s the beat when they want some free publicity she’ll be back.  

mccourt July 2, 2020

Something that has struck me this last few months is just how close families and business sail to economic disaster.