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mccourt February 22, 2021

As far as I see it they went to the boss asking for a new job that didn’t exist. When the boss said no they had 2 choices- either suck it up and go back to there normal job or leave.  At the end of the day the decisions on the direction on the “firm” weren’t their’s to make.   They made their decision and the Queen made her’s, that’s life.  Live and die by our decisions.  

mccourt February 9, 2021

This family are the most amazing people.  Just beautiful humans and I admire them. Could I do what they have done, I’m not sure and that is the challenge. I wish them peace and light. As for the driver, I feel for him and his family as well having to live with that burden.

mccourt February 9, 2021

Who she’s in a relationship with is not anyone’s business- BUT when the evidence of her “not wanting to know” ... that is pretty damning. And that is the point she should have reported the relationship and what she knew. She is the state premier and as such must be subject to higher standards of conduct.  

mccourt December 7, 2020

Clinique Lash power is the best mascara I’ve used. My lashes look long, curled, defined and it stays put. Love it!

mccourt July 6, 2020

@david s you’re spot on. I note they also said they’d dropped her “as a regular” so what’s the beat when they want some free publicity she’ll be back.  

mccourt July 2, 2020

Something that has struck me this last few months is just how close families and business sail to economic disaster. 

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