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mamamia-user-197644376 November 11, 2020

I don’t see why you can’t have ‘pride in your pain.’ I did not have pain relief (because the labour was too fast) and I am proud of myself that I managed to keep it together and not completely lose the plot (especially during the transition phase right before pushing) as the experience was enormously challenging. 

I am also proud of every woman who has given birth however they gave birth in whatever way. As you say the issue is comparison, no mother is better than any other mother and in my opinion the problem is that women seem more concerned about the approval of others than approving themselves and their own decisions. 

Why not be proud of yourself? An entire 
human being exited your body. However the baby came out you are strong and incredible. 

mamamia-user-197644376 October 25, 2020

Just does not make sense to me. Sure if you are outside everyday but what if you’re working inside the entire day? What if it is a cold wintery rainy day with a low UV index? No wonder so many Australian women are vitamin D deficient. 

mamamia-user-197644376 October 19, 2020

@sarah  my understanding of the childcare subsidy is that both parents (if together) must be in paid work or a ‘recognised activity’ (like studying) to receive it. If one parent is not in paid work and using child care to give themselves a break (and good on them!) then they are quite likely full fee paying. 

mamamia-user-197644376 October 13, 2020

Erin’s!! Love the before and after shots!! 

In my opinion keep your nursery minimal and uncluttered - less stuff to trip over in the middle of the night and less fuss to tidy up when your baby is mobile and wreaking havoc. 

mamamia-user-197644376 September 24, 2020

Many people in this current situation might be spending more on skin care, but others in extreme financial distress (high rates of unemployment, unable to pay rent and utility bills etc) are not. I know for myself even spending $20 on a moisturiser is a luxury as all the ‘little expenses’ add up. 

I think Jameela is correct, and she is acknowledging the fact that some people go to bed each night wondering how they are going to feed their children and keep the electricity on. Perhaps they long to buy supposedly affordable skin care products, but at the moment it is just not a priority. 

mamamia-user-197644376 September 13, 2020

Well hopefully the daughters get along well and the older daughter starts enjoying visiting her father after all that effort by the parents. 

mamamia-user-197644376 September 11, 2020

@simple simon So true!! It is likely they don’t have to contribute to household chores etc either and when they want a break they can pay for nanny. Not real world stuff, but it is great they are happy and enjoying fatherhood. 

mamamia-user-197644376 September 5, 2020

There is nothing wrong with not wanting (or wanting) children. Making a decision that is right for your life is the most important thing.

While sleep deprivation is usually temporary and perhaps you might cope better than you think, the reality is that many parents really struggle to cope with sleep interruptions and expect a certain number of sleep hours per night which is often unrealistic. 
The fact that you have identified that this would be a real issue for you is a credit to you. It would be more selfish perhaps to know this and go ahead with having children anyway because ‘other people’ (partner, family, society etc) expect it of you. 

mamamia-user-197644376 August 23, 2020

I think having the experience of crazy post partum hormones reminds me to be more patient and empathetic when working in postnatal areas.

Otherwise I was very fortunate to have a great pregnancy, labour, birth, breastfeeding experience and easy going gorgeous baby that I fell in love with straight away. 
Thankfully as a midwife my knowledge and skills have taught me about managing much more complex and diverse situations because relying on my own personal experiences would not cut it. That’s why you get qualifications and training to be a midwife!

There are plenty of male obstetricians around...none of them have been pregnant or given birth.

mamamia-user-197644376 July 20, 2020

Maybe it’s because of Covid and there are less mum/baby activities on but I take my baby for a stroll in the pram at least three times a week and often get a latte while I am at it (but don’t own anything from Lululemon though!).

Carm April 18, 2020


Carm January 18, 2020

It seems they would like ‘journalists’ to focus on the charities and organisations they are supporting and the good things they are doing, rather than constantly gossiping about their personal/private lives. Things like constantly interviewing estranged family members (when Meghan has no voice to give her own side of the story in what must be a very difficult and painful situation), criticising Meghan for touching her baby bump, insisting on attending their private family christening and outrage about not knowing who the godparents are (who cares?), and other constant speculation/gossip has obviously not been enjoyable for them and probably very toxic.

By no longer being ‘senior royals’ and by becoming financially independent they can take back control of their lives are no more ‘public property’ and expected to put up with nasty gossip in the name of ‘news.’

The private jet thing is literally the only fair criticism the other 80-90 % of so called royal reporting has been sexist and racist gossip designed to generate clicks and spread hate towards that big bad black woman who should be seen but not heard, and if she is heard she should be quiet and
bland smile nicely for the cameras and wear neutral nail polish.

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