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jennifercw March 23, 2023

This also has to be read in the context of many places, especially in the US, banning gender-affirming healthcare for children. It seems especially cruel for a trans girl to be denied healthcare and THEN banned from competing because of it.

jennifercw February 18, 2023

WHAT other options?! As a parent of a super active child with ADHD it seems like my only options are McDonald's or Hungry Jacks/Burger King. If there were other truly child-friendly options I'd be happier.

jennifercw February 6, 2023

But - you haven't addressed the how?? Babysitters for hours on the weekend?? 

jennifercw December 12, 2022

If we want the younger generation to have kids, we're going to have to provide them the support they need to do so, and good on them for demanding it. No begging for scraps like we did "oh, please can I have another year's unpaid maternity leave?" - it's not good enough.

jennifercw December 4, 2022

Spot on about everything, but you missed the bit where Alan Rickman has an employee known to SA female employees and his solution is not to fire him, but to tell all the women to avoid him?? Not good enough Harry, get your staff under control 

jennifercw November 28, 2022

Oh, "some" have "labelled them as BDSM-inspired"? Only some? What else have they been labelled, then? 

jennifercw November 17, 2022

Yes, it's all about respect for the bride, so if the bride/s say it's ok, I don't see what the problem is 

jennifercw August 17, 2022

Dr Harris was not on holiday in Thailand, he was home in Adelaide at the time, about to embark on a diving trip in WA. I think you're thinking of one of the British divers.

jennifercw July 29, 2022

The hardest part of having a 2yo is they have ZERO sense of self-preservation and you have to be 100% on at all times to stop them stepping into traffic/crashing into something sharp/falling off something tall. It's exhausting! It definitely gets easier once they gain a bit of common sense.

jennifercw July 1, 2022

It's unacceptable to say nobody could have stopped it. That, because a man wanted them dead, they had to die. We MUST find a way to stop killings like this.

jennifercw June 25, 2022

Unclear from the tweet which side Better Midler is on??

jennifercw June 5, 2022

I am OVER watching 20 year old women with 40 year old men. If you want me to care about a couple, they'd better be the same age.

jennifercw May 30, 2022

Either an AR15 is a military-style weapon so dangerous that a squad of armed police are afraid to take it on, OR it's a hobby gun suitable for sale to teenagers with no background check or waiting period. It can't be both. So which is it?

jennifercw May 15, 2022

My son has autism & sensory issues, and largely eats processed food. I've tried packing fresh vegetables and sandwiches and he just doesn't eat them. I live in dread of a rude note appearing in his lunchbox.

jennifercw May 8, 2022

Didn't we learn from the Trump/Biden debate that if the moderator can't turn off candidates' microphones, this sort of nonsense is exactly what happens? Baffled as to why this was allowed to happen

jennifercw May 5, 2022

None of the major parties plan to raise the age of criminal responsibility to at least 14?

jennifercw March 30, 2022

This is so frustrating! The BMI scale is flawed even as a tool for adults - it was NEVER meant to be extrapolated for use in children.