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t.j.southwell May 26, 2022

Absolutely right Rebecca, and thank you for reminding us.  It was a brave and controversial call at the time, but he pushed it through despite the nay-sayers, and today we are so grateful.  Even Mr Biden said in his speech when he landed from the Quad that "this type of thing does not happen in other countries" and in another sound byte (can't remember where) he actually mentioned that Australia had done it (outlawed guns) so why can't we.  We should be proud that our country did that.  Cheers. Xxxx

t.j.southwell November 10, 2020

Porter must go.  Is there a petition we can sign?

Tracey November 26, 2019

Some questions to consider: How long did Andrew know Epstein. Was it possible that Diana knew about Andrew's friendship and had heard about Epstein's proclivities for young women. Something to think about.

Tracey November 18, 2019

I found the first episode of S3 far too different from the last episode of S2. I totally disagree with the author's gasping over how similar the cast are to the real people. I think they have been poorly chosen, and I never thought Olivia Coleman could pull it off right back from when it was announced that she had the role. She is far too light and bubbly to be able to portray the Queen with the gravitas required. The first few minutes of the new episode made me think I was watching a different show, except for the tweed suits and diamonds. Helena B-C is just a celebrity pull and totally wrong for Margaret. They haven't even attempted to make her like Margaret. Overall, I am disappointed with the whole release, even the writing is different, but apparently has been written by the same guy as the other 2 seasons. The Crown has tried to outdo itself. Such a shame, I have been anticipating it's release for the last year.