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mgeorge6468 October 11, 2023

I sometimes wonder if all the women in the world who are not represented on the runway or in stores,  collectively decided to not buy any clothes for a month or even a week to make a point would the fashion industry pay some attention.  Disgusts me that they are happy to take our money but not really cater to us and seriously cannot it really be that hard? Its just elitism at its worse!!

mgeorge6468 May 17, 2023

So sad to see the one time a childless woman shares her point of view instead of supporting her like most non mums support mums all the time you have to invalidate her point. Just because you don’t have kids doesn’t mean you don’t have other constant stresses in your life which can exhaust you regardless of how many hours of sleep you get each night.,. Such a shame that support can’t be a two way street according to some of these commenters. You know what is tiring is having to constantly justify that you’re somehow less than because you don’t have kids and you’re life is somehow so easy. I can guarantee it isn’t and the lack of empathy from some of these commenters is just really sad yet unfortunately not all that surprising! I really hope we can move past these attitudes in the future! 

mgeorge6468 April 26, 2022

In response to a previous comment, where in the article did it suggest mums are leaving work early to "pursue a hobby"? I don't believe the author said that all and is just asking for childless women be given the same flexibility as mums because we have responsibilities too like aging parents  , medical, personal issues etc. I think both mums and childless women should support each other on this.

mgeorge6468 January 29, 2021

Wow this article resonates so much with me! I don’t have kids and have managed to negotiate a 9 day fortnight in my job but I still get the feeling my boss thinks they are doing me a huge favour by giving it to me (Even though they are paying me one day less and I’m still getting all my work done) and can’t really understand why I want to do it. They don’t really seem to get the work life balance thing and I think they would honestly prefer that I were there sitting on my chair every day even if I wasn’t busy which makes no sense to me. I think we’ve still got a long way to go unfortunately to achieving genuine work life balance in the workplace.