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farm_gyrl_beach_dreamer March 3, 2024

ok .. I am going there ...if she ISN'T marrying his wallet SURELY she would have said something ABOUT THOSE SNEAKER SHOE THINGS he is wearing ...  

farm_gyrl_beach_dreamer February 24, 2024

As an older mama Mia reader gotta say micro blading = brilliant . I was not an over plucker in the 80s or 90s but brows thin and fade and go grey .. feather brow circa 2018 , 2 touch ups , 2021 and 2023 .. awesome .. nothing better .. a few eyebrow tints - the greys are still there -  each year and happy 😃 me … 

farm_gyrl_beach_dreamer December 31, 2023

I experienced the ‘closed circle’ many years ago when we moved from Sydney’s northern beaches to the GC .. good grief it scarred me for LIFE .. I’ll invite you to the opening of a car door - you don’t have to come but I’ve done the first part … 

farm_gyrl_beach_dreamer December 3, 2023

Where was child No 5 ? 

farm_gyrl_beach_dreamer November 3, 2023

Rome? Come now … book Tuscany , business class airfares and take a nanny … see how far he wants to run then ….

farm_gyrl_beach_dreamer October 24, 2023

Not sure if you thought you had nailed it with a 100k income that you needed to work over 70 hrs a week to earn ?? Do the math - you made as little an hour ( or less ) as someone working in retail or an unskilled role … not a win in my book for a slightly higher salary … I think Reece and Brendan dodged a bullet …

treishah July 23, 2023

When your stepmother is 2yrs younger than you… your half brothers are younger than your own children …yet are their ‘uncles’ …. your dad is 80 the step is 58… she was 18 when they got together … you do the math .. all fun and frivolous back in the day … the age difference with failing health and differing needs is now very real ….