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fiona_crisp July 1, 2024

This show was riveting and is despicable the money that this team and game makes and these women make virtually nothing. Good points you make. The men in the dressing rooms was frightening. As the show went on I felt frightened for these women as they are sexulised and not protected in any way....the ruthlessness of the family that own this team was eye opening also..

fiona_crisp June 30, 2024

And not forgetting the woman killed in Casino northern NSW in the last few days. She was killed in her home...why can't men accept rejection or accept the relationship is not working??? I feel despair..there's so many were losing track. Women and children

fiona_crisp May 26, 2024

I'm confused as to why this is not classified as domestic violence?? Why? He was looking for his ex whom he would have killed but instead killed her friend and daughter. I feel despair...

fiona_crisp December 4, 2023

Yep! Summed up well. One day I wrote down what all my responsibilities were on the ward it filled 4 fullscap pages and more.....

fiona_crisp November 27, 2023

The latest episodes certainly don't live up to the previous ones. Her portrail of Diana was brilliant but I found it un comfortable to watch. I felt her life was chaotic and there was no peace for just made me feel sad and a bit ick

fiona_crisp November 24, 2023

Love the country road jeans. They look and feel great.

fiona_crisp October 24, 2023

Thanks. I'm always looking for a mascara that works without clumps...

fiona_crisp October 13, 2023

Mother Wound moved me unbelievably. I read it straight after my mum died and had wanted to read it for a long was painful and so moving and inspiring...

fiona_crisp September 24, 2023

So accurate..I have cried so many tears in the last week. Leaving school and worried about them out about drinking. I've been picking up and dropping off kids. I was so exhausted by the end of the week...I am so proud of my son and his friends. They pulled it together and grew up!! 

fiona_crisp July 8, 2023

Urgh these Hollywood people! Ghastly person. Much better without him.

fiona_crisp June 1, 2023

Thank you. I recently lost my mum and the exhaustion is real. I feel so tired and very introspective. I went back to work soon after as I work mainly from home but it is still so yoga helps greatly as does walking and exercise...grief like this is so personal and everyone moves on but I want everything to stop..stop moving so fast. 

fiona_crisp April 28, 2023

The menstrual/menopause leave is essential. I am a nurse who worked on a busy medical ward and suffered greatly towards the end of perimenopause with heavy bleeding and irregular periods and pain. I was not alone either. It was truly horrendous and I always complained that as a woman we needed additional leave. I can honestly say it was real and it impacted my life greatly...