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mrspagain March 8, 2024

Sounds like something I'd try in my never ending quest to get more lashes! 

mrspagain March 1, 2024

Just this week the family of Celeste Manno, who was stalked and murdered in Melbourne in 2020, had to endure the legal system and watch as her killer was sentenced {not a life sentence sadly}. 

The killer met her briefly in a call centre role and as she terminated him during his probation period with kindness, he became obsessed with her and made her life misery with aggressive stalking behaviour. It culminated with her brutal murder in her mums home. 

Celeste's devastated mum rightly called out the "systems" that failed her daughter while she was alive, and again at her murderers sentencing. 

An inquiry into stalking laws was sparked by Ms Manno's death, with the Victorian Law Reform Commission's report tabled in Parliament in September 2022.

But none of the 46 recommendations from that inquiry have been adopted. 

It's time we did better at protecting our community from predators and stalkers. 

mrspagain November 29, 2023

What a shame you had a less than ideal experience. So many other women I know have made great friends from mums group, and mine was also excellent. 10 years on and we still have catch ups, not as frequently as the old days, but it's always great to see them and get the kids back together! 

mrspagain October 14, 2023

Trust your gut! There's a reason it's pinging an alarm for you, so listen to it. You can continue to come up with excuses for a few years yet and maybe then you will feel more comfortable. Or not.