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sara78 July 26, 2020

You're leaving out the pictures of the anarchists/Antifa terrorists trying to break in to federal courthouse, starting fires, throwing frozen bottles, interfering in arrests of other criminals, etc. These are NOT peaceful protesters!!! The feds need to be more aggressive with these punks. I'm glad I'm on the other side of the country. By the way, feds trump local cops, especially when it comes to federal property and when do nothing democrats stick up for criminals over law enforcement. 

sara78 July 25, 2020

I blame "participation trophies." Only the true winner should get a trophy or you get people who need to be thanked for just doing the job they were hired for and get paid big bucks for.

sara78 July 18, 2020

I'm 41 and always wanted children, ever since I was 16 and all the other girls in my high school started having babies. By my 20s, all my friends started having kids. Although I was married, it just never happened. I suffered 2 miscarriages in the past 10 years. It bothers me when people say "you're lucky you don't have kids" because no I'm not. Other people are lucky they do have them.

sara78 July 16, 2020

Your country should have food stamps if you don't already. It would really help alot of people. I get $194 a month in food stamps and it is literally a life saver. 

sara78 July 12, 2020

I find it highly suspicious that they were conveniently cremated, destroying evidence that could have been brought back to the U.S. for a proper investigation

sara78 July 5, 2020

If President Trump somehow can't win reelection then Kanye would be a great second choice. Anyone but friggin Biden! Our history is being erased by radicals and Biden would do nothing to stop them.

sara78 July 2, 2020

I disagree. I think guys who ghost are cowards. It's better to just be honest. I get out of my mind irate if a guy ghosts me and just keep texting them rage texts. Ignoring me is equivalent to sucker punching me. Honest is always the best. Even if it's not what I wanna hear.

sara78 July 2, 2020

I just wanted to put out there that clothing is a basic need, not a luxury. Our 3 basic needs are food, clothing, and shelter. You can't go around in public naked. That being said, I'm addicted to clothes shopping but I only buy secondhand clothes. I'm very tight with money.

sara78 June 27, 2020

I'd be happy if I made $200 a week. I only make $150 a week. I live comfortably though because I'm really tight with money and good at saving

sara78 June 26, 2020

I'm a professional housekeeper. I love cleaning. If we lived in the same country you could hire me to clean for you. 

sara78 June 11, 2020

I admire that he stepped up and took responsibility for his children. Not alot of young guys would do that. Especially addicts. It says alot about his character. I wish more young single fathers would follow his example.

sara78 June 8, 2020

I hope they sue the hospital too. They deserve compensation for what happened to their little girl

sara78 June 8, 2020

It's insane to get rid of police over one bad cop. It will be like The Purge! Hardly any of the "protesters" in the US are peaceful. It's mostly anarchist and extremist groups burning buildings and destroying property. There was radio silence when a black police officer shot and killed Justine Damond. Mamamia was the only news outlet to report it. 

sara78 May 31, 2020

About the riots, the people who are burning buildings, destroying homes and businesses, looting, and physically attacking people ARE criminals. Their destroying the livelihoods of the legitimate protesters. I feel bad for the family of George Floyd. I just wish there was some kind of peaceful protest when the white Australian woman, Justine (I forget her last name) was shot and killed by a black police officer. These 2 innocent, unarmed citizens both had their lives stolen by bad cops. It makes no difference what the race of the victim or perpetrator, they were humans whose lives mattered.

sara78 May 28, 2020

It shouldn't matter the race of the cop or the victim. George Floyd was a human being. The officer did not use proper procedure. I've never heard of a cop putting his or her knee on a suspect's neck. Usually if they have to restrain someone who's resisting they kneel on their back. And only until cuffed, then they stand them up and put them in the car. It shows the evil, nastiness of this officer's character. I've been harrassed and manhandled by cops who were black and cops that were white when I was using drugs. It's the character of the individual that matters. This cop needs to be punished. I hope his family sues.

sara78 May 24, 2020

I think your hair is fine. If it were a big frizz ball, then it would look unprofessional. Just like anyone, man or woman with their hair dyed pink, blue, green or purple would look unprofessional. I have unruly curly hair myself and it takes a lot of leave in conditioner and anti frizz products to look presentable. But trust me, your hair is fine.

sara78 May 23, 2020

What's wrong with capri jeans? I still wear them. I still love graphic t-shirts too. I used to wear the tiered mini skirts but thankfully grew out of those. To me graphic tees are timeless.

sara78 May 22, 2020

Why do people always make it seem as if black or hispanic people are exempt from criticism? These days they seem to have more privilege than white people. That causes resentment. People should be judged by their character regardless of race. And if you do something to merit criticism, no matter what then call them out whether their black, white or something in between.

sara78 May 10, 2020

Thank you for the message toward the beginning of this post for everyone who might be suffering this mother's day. My mother passed 7 and a half yrs ago from endometrial cancer. I miss her everyday. I always tell my friends that don't get along with their mothers to be grateful that they have one that's alive and well. You only get one mother. Happy mother's day everyone!

sara78 May 5, 2020

Olivia Wilde and Scottie Thompson. I think it's their hair and piercing blue eyes. If you never heard of Scottie Thompson, Google her and see if you see the resemblance