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fzmclaren July 30, 2021

You handled that with so much grace and compassion

fzmclaren July 29, 2021

Simone herself said the only reason for performing at these Olympics was because she the sole gymnast left who had been sexually abused by the USA gymnastic doctor and she did not want the fact that it had happened to so many gymnasts and enabled by so many involved with USA gymnastics, to be brushed under the carpet. She doesn’t just have the hopes of the work with winning medals, she is ensuring over 300 gymnasts stories of being sexually abused isn’t forgotten. That is a weight beyond what anyone should have to carry and she has done it with such grace and kindness to others. She is inspirational to many who have pushed themselves because others have demanded it for themselves not because it was best for them. Simone is showing it is more than okay to take care of yourself first. She does not owe anyone anything.

fzmclaren July 27, 2021

@cat Historically that is what has happened with every pandemic. Everyone is trying to prevent that from happening. That’s why the UK is being watched because then people can see if having much of the population vaccinated works, and will allow people some hope that perpetually lockdowns won’t be the new normal. Being in lockdown has not had too much of a negative impact on me financially but I do know people who have or are almost on the point of losing their business. And loss of business means no money for food or shelter and that is scary, especially when you have children. I am not saying to stop all lockdowns at the moment as we don’t have enough vaccinated but I do hope the UK can show that whilst people may still get it, they aren’t as sick and the death rate lowers with it. The US has already started to show that. I wish our government would open up the vaccinations for everyone as there are a lot of people who want to get vaccinated but can’t as they’re in their 20’s. 

fzmclaren July 27, 2021

@gu3st I would expect that too. They didn’t have that option 100 years ago and I don’t think the roll out of vaccinations has been handled well by our country and I think it could have been handled much better. COVID won’t disappear any time soon but the vaccinations will mean you can get the illness and survive it instead of being seriously unwell with it or dying.  And it will hopefully mean one day that people will see it as an illness like the flu not as a deadly disease like the flu once was. At the very beginning of all this someone asked how did they get out of the Spanish flu and it was two ways - immunity from either vaccinations or natural immunity and the second was people got used to it and learned to live with it on a social level. At some point we will need to reach that level

fzmclaren July 27, 2021

@katp The UK is being watched at the moment as they’re almost 60-80% vaccinated and have opened up to see how that works and if they can manage to live with it. I know the CDC released the numbers for the US in May and about 20,000 people died of COVID. Of that number only 400 were vaccinated.  It showed vaccinations prevented death for the most part. It’ll be interesting to see numbers with it versus death and serious illness and if they can manage it. Lockdowns aren’t sustainable in the long term as people can’t afford it. They need to earn money to feed themselves and their families

fzmclaren July 27, 2021

Our workplace has done a number of surveys over the past 18 months whilst we have been working from home and found the majority want to do both part time. It was such a resounding response that they are implementing it for when we do go back into the office and it’ll become the new normal. There a few who want to work full time in the office and few who would love full time at home but most want a balance of both so they get their social outlet in person and they get their quieter days at home. I like the balance of being able to do both.

fzmclaren July 26, 2021

The way out of the Spanish Flu was herd immunity and people learned to live with it. I don’t know if Australia is learning to live with it as there is still a lot of fear but am hoping it will get better as at some point we will need to live with like we do with the flu. 

fzmclaren July 24, 2021

That’s a great idea and much needed

fzmclaren July 24, 2021

I’m thinking of the poor kid who shared photos, not realising all of what it means. It scary with how early it starts

fzmclaren July 21, 2021

A lot of the issues around the poor leadership was the infighting for leadership in both political parties for over a decade that now we’re left poor leadership.  And I’ve yet to meet a leader willing to acknowledge they were wrong and apologise for it

fzmclaren July 8, 2021

Thank you for sharing your story

fzmclaren June 26, 2021

That is the best and most accurate list of questions everyone needs to think about before having kids

fzmclaren June 11, 2021

@laneamanda6845 When I did my antenatal classes the midwife running the classes refused to discuss Caesarean sections as according to her none of us would be having one! And that was despite the hospital having a 28% rate of women needing them. It was disappointing she wouldn’t talk about it but I did my own research as I wanted to be prepared in case. Good thing I did as I was told at 32 weeks that I would likely need one

fzmclaren June 9, 2021

I spent 24.5 years trying/waiting to have a child from when I was first told I couldn’t have kids to when I finally got to have my one and only. At times I enjoyed and appreciated what I could do without children, however in the last years none of that mattered or meant anything to me. I haven’t lost anything by having my child, instead I have gained so much joy and hope for my life that my child makes life worth living. So if you were to ask me what I want, it would be to have another child. Nothing has given me as much as having that

fzmclaren April 8, 2021

I would have loved a second (and so would my son) however I’m infertile and it was an 11 year journey getting him. I had to accept it wasn’t going to happen when we tried for a second. That said I do have a closer relationship with my son in large part because he is an only child

fzmclaren March 30, 2021

When I read articles like this the resounding message I am reminded of is: we don’t teach our children how to set boundaries clearly and well and what to do when someone doesn’t respect boundaries. Not everyone will respect the word ‘no’. That is the question you are left with. How much do you want someone in you life who does not respect your boundaries? Is this something you can compromise on in your relationship? And you can’t force someone to respect your boundaries so only you can decide if you can compromise your boundaries or if it’s a non-negotiable. And it’s even more challenging to decide when it’s someone you love

fzmclaren March 28, 2021

The only bar for a child’s birthday party is did they have fun. Are they happy with it? I’ve never made the perfect looking birthday cake but my son loves making and decorating them and they taste good. I don’t care if they don’t meet some bar someone else set or if they’re pin interest worthy; I only care if my son loves it and did he had a good time. And to me that is the only bar that matters.

fzmclaren February 18, 2021

@ella27 I have to deal with this on a regular basis and get very annoyed by the one sided story. It should be all children need to be kind not just boys. And doubly so for consent. The amount of times girls cross this boundary has been astounding especially in today’s environment of #me too. I fully expected parents of girls to teach them about consent and yet they don’t seem to believe my son’s body is his and he gets to decide who and how it’s touched. This conversation has to start in childhood and girls don’t get a free pass because they’re females

fzmclaren February 16, 2021

@cat lady 73 so have I and I was more tired when I was child free than I have ever been as a parent. My child wasn’t a night time sleeper and I will still say sleeping or not sleeping with shift work and a lifetime of insomnia was far harder than having a child who didn’t sleep. And your incredibly lucky if having children is the only time you’ve slept badly or been tired

fzmclaren February 8, 2021

I’ve yet to meet a single parent in real life who cares about school lunches or what anyone has packed for their child. They’re too busy worrying about their own lives