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cazzie1010 December 20, 2020

I think anyone who wants to take an actor's words as gospel for anything in life, deserves what they get.  These people are no more entitled to tell anyone how to live their lives than anyone else. If we choose to put them on a pedestal because they spend their lives making a living pretending to be someone else then fine, but to assume that their choice of career makes them an expert on anything or everything is ludicrous.

cazzie1010 November 8, 2020

As a survivor of a dysfunctional family, who still struggles in her 60's, I wish you well.

cazzie10 March 9, 2020

Whenever I hear 'single mum' I know that is someone who hasn't had it easy. A single mother is someone who works damn hard to keep her family together. It isn't a label it's a story of hard work, stamina, courage, love and so much more. You will do this and you will do it well for your children and somewhere along your path may you find a new relationship with your dream partner.

cazzie10 May 26, 2019

Exactly - grandiose.

cazzie10 May 26, 2019

If this mother couldn't cope with the party she shouldn't have organised it or invited so many children. Talk about playing the victim. Don't know what she was trying to prove, but this party was definitely more about her than her child. I never expected parents to stay at my children's birthday parties.

cazzie10 May 1, 2017

Living with a daughter with an acquired brain injury, which has left her wheelchair bound and unable to speak well, is heartbreaking enough, without having to put up with the stares and other ignorant behaviour from the less than compassionate general public.
Sadly I can't scream at them that she is cognitively fine and understands all that goes on around her, even though I want to.
The tweets I read in this article highlight the education needed to teach empathy, rather than intolerance, towards those with a disability.

cazzie10 March 11, 2017

Keep your opinion of my life experience to yourself - your ignorance and prejudice against women is showing! Just another keyboard warrior, troll without the courage to use their real name. Bravo.

cazzie10 March 8, 2017

Sadly there is silent approval of the boy's club and sadder still that many ' approving' by closing a blind eye, are women!
Last night's show gave insight into the poor character of some of the players. The reality is that the show mirrors typical Aussie bloke behaviour.
It's our mirror image of the poorest of human traits.
It takes guts to stand up to what is really an obscene, sexist form of bullying which at its worst empowers the lower form of male to use violence against women and at the best can destroy some poor girl's 'reputation!' Sean tried, but the gang won.

cazzie10 June 6, 2015

That is nothing less than abuse - the poor baby has no choice.

cazzie10 June 1, 2015

Thank you Mamamia for highlighting this important issue.
We are so proud of our daughter, Kirby and also Sam and
James for sharing their story to help the 6500+ other young people in nursing
homes. Out of the despair of Kirby’s sad journey from a happy, healthy,
independent young woman, buying and decorating her own home, contributing
positively to the lives of the young children with disabilities as their dedicated
teacher, this catastrophic event has to have some positive result!

Stories like Kirby's are replicated 1000’s of times around this country by all those young people without voices, who continue to languish in nursing homes, when they should have the opportunity to live their lives to the fullest as members of society.

I hope that everyone reading this story will think about the tenuous thread that separates them from Kirby, Sam and James.

Life can change dramatically at any time and you suddenly become reliant on the medical system, losing all control of even the most basic functions in your life.

Kirby’s 17 month story is too long to tell here, but it includes a major failing of the medical system to support her in accessing rehab in her home town – in fact our local hospital where she was receiving treatment sent her to Melbourne for three nights, then refused to take her back, resulting in a 19 week nightmare. Facility after facility denied
Kirby access to rehab until we managed to find a legal service for people with disabilities
to help us. Living in a nursing home was the trade off to receive rehab.

It is difficult enough dealing with the grief of watching your adult child suffer, without having to fight for their right to progress. Australia needs purpose built accommodation for young people so that this scenario is never suffered by another family.