User Comments February 9, 2024

Absolutely love this. You have been able to express the reason I was not so amazingly impressed by this situation and didn’t know why I just felt my eyes rolling January 17, 2024

Great article - thanks for sharing..such great ideas. I found it really interesting that you said after Covid you hated your apartment. I am exactly the same with the townhouse I live in with my partner and son. I also feel like I have a toxic relationship with the place now. December 14, 2023

Great article, thank you. I felt a deep sadness for Evelyn when I watched Strife. She is definitely considered a bad parent, so many stuff ups that are easy to judge her for but she is still so deeply likeable. I feel sad that she judges herself and others judge her based on something I feel she has little ability to fix. This does remind me of the feelings Mia expressed when she was interviewed for No Filter about her ADHD. December 13, 2023

I totally can’t see how he is good looking either! Gross November 10, 2023

I totally disagree - my intention with this question (that I am consciously aware of) is to spark a conversation about different cultures and religions. Yes, I don’t ask it anymore as I know it is seen to be offensive but I am missing out on learning something about someone that is far more interesting than my white story. October 1, 2023

Articulated so beautifully…more and more as my only child gets older, am I becoming aware of my lack of friends who are not just acquaintances met through school. September 29, 2023

I was exactly the same. Just loved admiring them and understanding that they were freaks! You have to be born like that! Loved actually seeing more to them in the doco. The contribution they actually made to the fashion industry and it appeared they did have power and used their smarts to get to the level they did. I also loved seeing the respect and care most of the designers and photographers showed them - I hope that was true. September 29, 2023

Definitely not at 6. The reason being at that age kids need help. On the beach they are probably asking for help from other people when you should be there doing what they need. May 19, 2023

Oh Jessie poor kinder to yourself in these next few weeks. On the positive side you have now had the experience of little and interrupted sleep which will help with the newborn weeks. In fact I think what you have had is a far harder experience than looking after a newborn will be. ❤️To you April 28, 2023

I thought this was a really well written article 😀. I think the hardest thing about renting is that you could be asked to move out at any time. Also increases. I have a friend living in a basically dilapidated house with 2 kids. The rent is ridiculously high and is increased every year. They have rented for 10+ years in the house. Finding the money to spend on the moving and renting of a new place stops them from moving…