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sincly June 7, 2022

Hear, hear. As a parent of kids with ADHD and a teacher, I couldn’t agree more.. compassion costs nothing. I thought Louis looked overwhelmed by the whole thing.

sincly April 23, 2022

I feel like the whole series is just focused on Julie and I’m absolutely here for it. I think the contestants all love and support her too. This is the joy of MasterChef.

sincly December 26, 2021

@loz I am 53 and still appreciate the privilege of travel, from my penniless backpacking years to the comfort of middle aged travel, it is something I tell my children all the time. Not everyone gets the chance. Growing up, going on a plane was a dream. 

sincly December 19, 2021

@elishatraill this is why I became a teacher at 45. I had this experience at school and wanted to help all these amazing kids.

sincly December 19, 2021

I sat at an awards day at the school where I teach casually and became progressively angrier as I saw 75% of students awarded ‘personal best’ certificates’ and the principal tell the other girls she hoped they would achieve this next year. I went back to the staff room and wrote an article intended for Mamamia but I decided against submitting it because of the anger behind it. Thank you for speaking up for the 25%. As one of those who was always told I ‘wasn’t living up to my potential’, with three boys travelling the same journey, it kills me to see them made to feel less than at school. Two of mine have now left school and are thriving in their chosen pursuits. If they survive the constant knocks of school, people with ADHD can thrive when they follow their passions. I hope your daughter knows that.

sincly October 13, 2021

I am the mother of three boys, 22, 20 and 15. I have loved raising them and never felt the need for a girl. It is only as they grow up and one has moved out that I got the pang of sadness that they wouldn’t need me any more like a girl. My second said ‘I’ll go out to dinner with you, I still want that trip to Melbourne to shop and eat!’ Boys love their mums fiercely and don’t go through the teen stage of needing to separate from them in quite the same way. You will love your child, of course and they may not even have the gender that has been predicted. Every day is a joyful surprise. Congratulations on your honesty.

sincly October 10, 2021

I just remembered, I was told off for having too much fun with my class (we were brainstorming so people were calling out and sometimes laughing). Nobody warned me when you teach in the same block as the principal’s office you have to be completely silent 🙄

sincly October 10, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 yeah, it’s not crazy to expect the labels on bottles to face forward or to nit sit down on your retail shift. 

sincly August 5, 2021

I’m past angry now. I wore out my anger on the marchers.  Now I am protecting myself by saving any anger for big important things I can change because my anxiety doesn’t do well with all this stuff that is out of my control. If I see someone doing the wrong thing I move on and smile about something good. I try not to think about the things I can’t do and focus on what I can. Anger has overwhelmed me in the last year and I’m trying not to go sink into it again.

sincly July 26, 2021

I feel this so deeply. It terrifies me that one day one of my sons might say or do something that makes me question everything I have done. The most difficult part is that some of these cultists will have real mental health issues that won’t be addressed because they feel so supported by the millions of others. In the past, delusional thinking was clear and people sought help; now it is mainstream and growing exponentially. I hope you manage to find your beautiful son again, it must be the worst feeling to think you have lost him.

sincly March 4, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 that’s exactly my point. Why do people need to present themselves as ‘coaches’? Why this drive to be famous/inspirational? These people are so ordinary but are trying so hard to be more than that. I love being ordinary.

sincly September 1, 2020

Or we could just stop talking about bodies all together and just post photos of people doing things rather than focusing on their bodies. I don’t understand why it is necessary to comment on bodies. I know I have never posted a photo to comment on my body. 

sincly July 25, 2020

These are classic ADHD symptoms. The anger at things not turning out as expected or not getting what he wants, the addictive behaviour. It may be too late for him to listen but getting treatment for ADHD could really help. One of my sons was finally diagnosed at 16 and Ritalin really helped, the other at 19, after showing the behaviours shown here and he didn’t stick to his medication but found a job that works for him. Finding their passion is the best thing for people with ADHD because it is the only thing they will work hard at and focus on. A psychologist can work on the resilience but it’s takes work.