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pollyanna November 4, 2021

It is nothing short of a miracle that little Cleo Smith has been found, alive, seemingly without physical injuries, but goodness knows the depth of her trauma. The childhood PTSD that will impact her, which will change over the years when she becomes an adult, as small triggers can set off a memory that she will have buried or thought she had dealt with, only to discover that as an adult, adult PTSD is different to in her childhood. Her disappearance triggered off my abusive upbringing, which didn’t involve abduction, as it was parental abuse of all kinds. It also made me think about kids who went missing when I was a child. The Beaumont Children - 3 siblings on their way to the beach. Eloise Wooldridge, who was taken from her bedroom, through the window, age 8, she would be 60 now if she was alive. There are many teenagers who seemingly leave home due to conflict or abuse, & sadly, there whereabouts is rarely known again, with their friends and siblings ne’er knowing if they are alive or fell into the trap of an evil person. Hopefully, we will receive news one day that William Tyrell is found and is alive, 7+ years later. Indigenous children who are abducted or go missing, sadly rarely get the same media coverage, making it harder to find them and bring them home safely. Thank God Cleo is one of the blessed ones. 

pollyanna November 4, 2021

I have been watching the show with great interest. I am not viewing it as a form of entertainment, I think it’s more of an informal documentary, where it allows parents and their children, the chance to reflect on how they behave and respond to situations. I think it’s a chance to open up dialogue, to determine if what parents are doing is really beneficial to helping their children grow in a healthy environment. It’s human nature to judge others, unfortunately, but watching these parents, listening to them, then seeing how their kids respond and then witnessing the parents reaction as they watch it in the studio, allows for a shift in thinking for both the parents, the rest of the group as well as the audience. Whilst it seems strange to assign one method as the best, I hope it encourages families to think, talk, discuss, make changes. Families that do smack their children do need to stop. The saying “a smack on the bottom is harmless” is anatomically incorrect as if it happens repeatedly over time it can actually cause injury to the child’s sphincter muscle, leading to problems with the bowel. I’m looking forward to this week, to see how the HomeSchooling family function in comparison to the nature lovers who don’t have a curriculum for their homeschoolers. It’s interesting listening to the child psychologist expert explain what/why/how things can impact a child’s growth. 

pollyanna October 19, 2021

My niece is white Australian, married a lad from Sudan. He describes himself as shiny blue black skin colour, which is very accurate. They have 4 children. His family have broached the colour of skin topic with every pregnancy, as they were curious as to the possibility of a variety of skin tones. Some hoped baby 1,2,3,4 would hr white , whilst others wanted tan, or olive or shiny blue black. As it is, all 4 kids are different in every way. Talking about a baby's possible skin colour before birth is not racist, it's the same as talking about whether baby will have mom or dads eye colour, freckles, curly hair,left or right handed, flat ears or batwing ears .. simple curiosity, just as likely the same as a Royal family allegedly asking about baby's skin tone. Not racism. Simply Meghan + Harry masterminding more trash. Trying to Garner pity 

pollyanna October 19, 2021

Matilda (Tilly) Ramsay has grown up to being a beautiful, talented young adult. Having watched her on "Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch" for 3 years, I learnt a lot about how to be imaginative with cooking, plus learning a great deal of skills that Tilly shared over the 3 year series. One of the best aspects of her show was watching the family interact, as it wasn't rehearsed staged goodness, it was simply a family with a strong loving bond, encouraging their youngest (at the time) sibling to follow one of her goals. Tilly is full of personality but in a sweet adoring way. She is mature, grounded, intelligent, creative, hilarious, good natured + filled with love for her family. Watching her on Aussie MasterChef + I'm hoping she takes home the trophy. It's great that her dad, Gordon, can treat her in a variety of ways-his signature tv personality of expecting high standards to the polar opposite spectrum where Gordon's heart is filled with pride, love, hope + joy as he watches her compete. Gifted, Tilly certainly is. Good luck Tilly, I hope we see you in the Grand Final. 

pollyanna June 19, 2021

I’ve always enjoyed watching young Matilda Ramsay - Tilly, on her cooking show “Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch”.  She is effervescent, fun loving, creative in the kitchen. Watching Tilly and her siblings hang out together, teasing one another in a typical sibling manner, competing with one another in a positive way and of course, seeing Gordon Ramsay as himself, relaxed, not swearing, fun, very proud of each child, very encouraging of each child’s interests. His banter with Tilly is rather adorable.  I’d like to see Tilly WIN, mostly because she is talented, she is learning + knows she has a long way to go and because, I feel she will be critiqued harder from the audience/viewers, based on their preconceived thoughts of Gordon. She deserves to be judged on her own merits, her own creations, dishes, her ability to experiment, make mistakes and learn from them. Go Tilly Go. Take out Celebrity MasterChef 

pollyanna January 27, 2021

I’m sorry to hear that she is suffering with pain in her ears from bugs and goodness knows whatever other mangy things that may have crept in her ears whilst in the jungle. Perhaps it’s time the show revised certain conditions and challenges on the show. Toni Peron suffered shocking snake bites whilst the shows producers had the hosts and all the crew stand back and watch, encouraging the hosts to give a running commentary on it, but in an entertaining type of way. Disgraceful. As for Jess being a celebrity, please, most of us saw her on The Block, found her sense of humour to be quite crass and exhibitionist. Yet it led to a higher paid job for her, doing what she enjoys, so kudos to her. Given the large amount of money won from being on The Block, it’s nice that they helped a few people out, but what a shame they willingly gambled away the rest on betting via the tennis. When on The Block, all we heard about was how poor they were & that they desperately wanted to win $10K so they could finally do IVF for baby no.3. It seems gambling on tennis was more favourable than gambling on the hope of another child to love. Each to their own. Let’s hope she isn’t on any other alleged celebrity based programs 

pollyanna January 15, 2021

Having grown up under horrendously abusive parents, where having my head held under freezing cold water as punishment for not eating all my vegetables, watching the celebs do this challenge, triggered my memories. It was cruel and not funny nor entertaining to make them do the challenge for 9 minutes, if it had to be done perhaps 1-2 minutes would be suffice. As for Toni Peron being bitten on the face, by snakes, not just once but repeatedly, whilst both hosts, Chris + Julia, gasping in shock + horror, yet they did nothing. They stood back + allowed Toni to be attacked five times. Whilst the snakes were not venomous, that’s not what was important. They weren’t to know whether or not Toni would have had some sort of reaction to the snake bites. Just because they weren’t life threatening as such, the non poisonous bites could’ve caused infections, convulsions, etc. I think that was going too far. If Chris + Julia witnessed someone attacking someone with a hardened bamboo stick/trunk from the jungle/bush, would they stand back saying “wow, that’s never happened here before” + not intervene. Likewise the snake was attacking + striking Toni + that’s not entertainment. Not knowing the age of Toni’s children I wonder if they’ll be allowed to watch it. If so, they’ll be very distressed + concerned for their mom.


pollyanna January 4, 2021

Deeanne and her girls look gorgeous in the photo posted. I hope they’re settling in to a healthier, happier life as their new unit of three. Shame we don’t see Dee on design shows as she is certainly talented in interior design, I think. Carlene and Michael have certainly done well and it’s been wonderful watching them over the years working on their family home. 

pollyanna November 11, 2020

It is, thankfully, just pure speculation that Meghan Markle will run for the American Presidency in the future. I can imagine that she believes she would be an ideal candidate, that she believes the “world” needs her + deserves her. Of course Prince Harry would be more than happy + willing to support this endeavour as he seems to have become a former shadow of himself since he first stepped out with her. He seems to be in her shadow all the time. I am not an American so I don’t have a full grasp on how the political scene runs, but what I find bizarre, is the number of celebrities who seem to run for office, as either a Senator or Councilman, or indeed a President. Ronald Reagan, Trump, even Schwartzneggar tried a political career at one stage, etc... To me, a person who chooses to go into politics should at least have studied political science at Uni, have worked their way up from local office etc, as opposed to being a musician, an actor, a reality tv star, a former Ironman or Weightlifter Champion or heaven help us, an ex-D class cable tv actor who married up into Royalty for global recognition + only lasted as a Senior Working Royal for 2 years. Only time will tell for whether Meghan does decide to run for office + then it’s up to the people of America to decide if she truly is the most appropriate person for the role - if yes, I hope it’s not simply because she married a Prince.

pollyanna November 11, 2020

 Junior MasterChef Australia.2020, was absolutely brilliant. Every contestant was wonderful. I was constantly reminding myself that they were all aged from 10-14, as their knowledge of food + their understanding of how flavours work together was beyond their young ages. The language + food terms was impressive. How they were all able to think so quickly, to adapt to situations, to dream up dishes without googling + to then implement their ideas into actual dishes that were masterpieces was amazing. I tried to not have little favourites but I found myself drawn each night to certain ones, crossing my fingers that they’d not be eliminated. The way each child throughout the competition encouraged one another, with such genuine honesty, with compassion, innocence, respect was beautiful to witness. Listening to their injections of personality spill out was gorgeous. The little jokes, one liners, puns, their ability to enjoy themselves + not take themselves too seriously whilst still wanting to do their very best with every dish, was a true sign of maturity. Listening to them feel disheartened at times whilst they weren’t achieving their dream dish yet within seconds they’d manage to ground themselves + persevere. Wow. On GrandFinal night, watching sweet little Georgia feel crushed at her dessert not taking on the vision in her mind was heartbreaking, yet she managed to rally herself to remember that life doesn’t always go to plans...hang on a second, the words of an 11 year the throes of disappointment was beautiful. Filo & Carter were truly remarkable too