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reneedekker July 27, 2023

You forgot The Good Place reference - the "i" in Barbieland being the same as the "i" in the Jeremy Bearimy!

reneedekker January 20, 2022

@jessclayden  yes, my family is in Qld and Vic.  Everytime I have booked a flight in the last 2 years either we or the state I was going to has gone into lockdown.  I have tried to go see them a lot but have always had the worst luck.  I have so many travel bank dollars with Virgin Australia now!!  I know others have been able to get out and back again but I have been damn unlucky.

reneedekker January 20, 2022

Thank you for your words.  As someone currently living in WA I am so angry right now.  February 5 was a date we were promised and something to look forward to and plan towards.  I do not have any family in WA, I have friends here but "my people" friends, the ones you can cry on the shoulder for no reason, they are not here so I feel very alone and isolated.  I have not seen my family in 2 years and I have had to once again cancel my parents flights that were booked for Feb 12.  I am so angry right now and I am sad, isolated and see no path forward.  The McGowan government is giving us nothing but ego, smugness and unwillingness to look beyond a picture that is unrealistic.  We need a path forward and not the "because I can" attitude that is currently being dealt to us.

I am so angry right now.

reneedekker December 9, 2021

Seriously?  I was so bored.  They telegraphed exactly what will happen for the rest of the series and I don't see any surprises coming.