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angela.james August 24, 2023

Tell me one other profession that works for nothing - 24 hours a day, for days on end for camps & retreats, parent evenings, presentations, concerts and MARKING all weekend for NO remuneration. 

angela.james June 14, 2023

OMG!! Everything Mandy Nolan said, and I mean EVERYTHING, is exactly my experience, my feelings, what I think. 

I wish we were neighbors 🥲

angela.james May 3, 2023

But water & oil don’t mix - it’s a basic scientific principle, so how can this be?

angela.james April 30, 2023

Thank you! In particular, Abbie needs to hear that our love for our kids is "big love" not conditional, romantic love and this is something that you cannot know until you have experienced it. Our kids will always be the main characters in our lives - it is not the same for them. Again, until you have kids you cannot stand in the moment of understanding this. It's not a weird love for our sons - just everything that Mia said. And by the way Abbie, I had tears rolling down my face while I read Mia's response - because I am so privileged to be a part of the 'mother of sons club'. I hope you will be one day too.

angela.james January 23, 2023

You have articulated my experience perfectly. May I add: while I am on “holidays” I have marked a year12 assessment task; responded to student emails; prepared for some new texts that I have not taught previously, all the while smiling through gritted teeth at everyone telling me how lucky I am to be on “holidays”.

Now I have to mentally prepare for the physical demands of a swimming carnival in extreme heat, without adequate shelter/breaks … oh I have we listed WHS concerns that others get to take for granted…

angela.james January 22, 2023

This is achingly beautiful. Thank you Edwina, for  letting me know that I should remember my friends baby to her.

angela.james December 18, 2022

Spot in, Holly. Was astounded at his vitriol 🤦‍♀️

angela.james October 28, 2022

Exactly!!! WHAT kind of a backwater are we?? WHY hasn’t this horrific tragedy been front & centre of all of our concerns??

We are bringing home ISIS wives & their children but where is our love & protection for our own?

angela.james October 26, 2022

I have no words 🥺 thoughts & prayers for mum

angela.james October 26, 2022

@ang eves I’m in!! We can even extend the group to ‘non - Ange’s’ as long as they’ve got teenagers 😜

angela.james October 17, 2022

I agree 💯 I often think that this stage with my teenagers is karma because I was a really confident mum of little kids & I have taught teenagers for 20 years, so naturally I thought I knew it all! It’s such a different & very lonely time parenting teens. It’s been a really big surprise to me. Would LOVE a mother’s group now, but only with mum’s who keep it real.

angela.james October 6, 2022

I cannot believe that everyone prepares you so well for the newborn/toddler years and no one speaks of this immeasurable grief. The ‘letting go’ of your teenagers is a pain I never expected. Also, I never imagined that I might have to work at a relationship with my kids, I just took it for granted that I would always be in their lives simply because I’m their mum. 

angela.james September 2, 2022

I have just listened to Mia talking about how she felt she had messed up with her kids this week & how your relationship with your children just grows more tenuous as they get older. I have never felt so understood & I had therapy about this just last week. I am tired of all of the ‘talk ‘ about parenting babies & young children as if that is all parenting is. I crave, need ‘talk’ about this season of parenting - there are literally millions of us in this ‘season’ of parenting- why the deafening silence?