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aladieslabour February 18, 2023

@aidanht I've watched a few videos showing how they are made and basically they are a buttermilk scone served with white sauce instead of butter and jam or cream and jam.  No idea why but they are.

aladieslabour February 15, 2023

@rush She could have been targeted for many reasons which had nothing ti do with gender but I agree kids are being bullied more for many different reasons including for simply not liking the same band/films/tv shows as other kids do.  She was 16, an age when many kids are bullied by others simply because they didn't fit in with the preconceived ideas of other kids their own age.  I would rather wait and see what the police have to say, you can target someone specifically without it having anything to do with gender [she might have looked the wrong way at the wrong person for all we know or a boy/girl might think she had designs on their girl/boyfriend, all have been given as reasons for similar attacks in the past.  Simply assuming gender is the cause is as much of a problem as assuming it isn't.

aladieslabour January 18, 2023

I would add that if you are looking at getting a dog it is worth checking YouTube for a channel about the breed you are thinking of.  There are plenty involving huskies, samoyeds, collies, pekingese and many many more.  Watching them gives you a good idea of the pros and cons of the breed and some of the issues you are  likely to face with them.  The same applies to cats and again, if you are going for a specialist breed look for a channel that features them.  

Also if you know you are likely to have times when - probably work related - you might be our for long hours of the day it is worth asking around beforehand to see if the is someone in the area who would be willing to take in your dog while you are out for hours at a time (we ended up doing this after a neighbour's work hours were increased, we had the dog from when she left home until she returned, she was an elderly dog, and all of us benefited from the experience).

aladieslabour January 13, 2023

@mb1111 And who vomits badly enough to have to be hospitalised as a result.  Not clever - in fact I would consider it deliberately insulting and derogatory -  regardless of who you are speaking to.

aladieslabour December 10, 2022

@anon- Another suggestion is YouTube.  There are some great Asian and African sewing channels that teach you how to make a patter to fit you and your body shape.  Using these I can finally make patterns that actually fit me (my chest measurement is large so conventional patterns seldom fit anyway) and they show how dart sizes and placements can actually make all the difference.  I now know that for me a 10cm shoulder dart ensures a good fit around the chest area without any underarm/armscye pulling that I so often find in purchased patterns or finished clothing. But it was an African sewing channel that showed me the solution, I haven't found it mentioned in any sewing manuals or western sewing tutorials.

aladieslabour December 10, 2022

@harvixie You do have a couple of online fabric suppliers in Australia that I look at with envy (I'm in Ireland).  Like you I make my own clothes because I'm a larger size - in my case because I'm disabled and exercising isn't always easy - and we have much less choice here because we are such a small country.  I have noticed though that sewing is coming back into the school curriculum and the result is that more shops - that had stopped selling dress fabrics and only stocked wool or furnishing fabrics - are once again selling a good range of fashion fabrics.  Have you tried Miss Maud, her fabrics are lovely and, to me at least, very well priced.

Good luck from a fellow sewing fan.

aladieslabour December 3, 2022

@kyleetanya She looks just like my daughter does when she's seen something on Facebook which has made her laugh and laugh, hand over her face because she is laughing so much.  When I first saw this photo I assumed that that was what it was until someone said she was crying.  

Crying, with another person in the room,who, instead of asking if you are OK and giving you a tissue, takes a photo [or more because it is perfectly posed] screams Hollywood theatrics for a film OR an incredibly insensitive, unsupportive and generally totally useless  partner.

aladieslabour November 4, 2022

Given how long it was over I am surprised that the authorities didn't revoke his visa and kick him out of the country.  That should have been their action in this regard.

aladieslabour October 20, 2022

Growing up in the 1970s - mum only got a machine in 1965, a year after my brother was born - and knowing lots of families with 3+ kids I admit to wondering why clothes in those days didn't need as much washing.  Parents usually washed twice a week - beginning of the week was bedding etc then the end of the week work clothes and school uniforms - but they never managed/needed to do ten loads in a week.  Yet I know a lot of parents today who think nothing of doing a couple of loads a day, and maintain that their kids really do get their clothing so filthy that it needs to be washed, daily.  Even towels get washed daily, growing up we hung them up to dry on the line or outside on the patio then put them back on the towel rack for the next days shower.   I will try the hack about the towel in the dryer though - we don't have one, I use a dryer at the launderette in winter (live in Ireland now, very wet winters) - in the hope it will shorten the drying time.  Time is money and clothing is always heavy work (construction) clothes and bedding etc, any help is appreciated.

I found the article interesting, if baffling, but I agree about the sandy clothes, mum always hung stuff outside  before shaking after we came in from the beach.

aladieslabour September 27, 2022

I am grateful to live in a country where even the supermarkets stock clothing up to a size 24, and we have at least 3 nationwide stores that go up to a size 34 in clothing.  But I can also remember when I couldn't find clothing small enough to fit (ironic that I am now a plus size but hey ho, that's life), then as now I simply make my own clothes.  Many plus size women I know simply go to a dressmaker and have their dressy outfits made to fit them.  I know it isn't the ideal solution but is might be worth thinking about if you have a busy social life, plus it means your dress isn't going to be seen on another woman at the same event (and who wants that).

aladieslabour August 31, 2022

@yeahyepyes Don't forget how she didn't enjoy her visit to Australia and couldn't understand why people would come out to see her (but I bet she would understand why people would come out see a film star at a premier.  Which is no different to coming out to see her and Harry.

aladieslabour August 22, 2022

I was extremely lucky.  I didn't have enough milk and my daughter was a greedy little piglet (that was what they actually wrote on her notes in the hospital) but the staff in the hospital were great - huge shout of thanks to the West Suffolk Hospital in the UK.  They didn't criticise and they didn't judge you.  On my ward of 8 roughly half of us bottle fed and half breast fed, we weren't pressured into choosing and you were helped to express milk so you got a good nights sleep if you did breast feed.    

It is time that mothers were allowed to make their own choices, and it isn't as though breastfeeding has been done all through history.  There was a reason people were wet nurses, a much respected job, but it seems people have forgotten reality in their current (and it's been going on for a couple of decades at least now) manic eagerness to get everyone to do what the ''experts'' want and not what is best for the mother and child.

aladieslabour August 10, 2022

It is also worth remembering that not all Muslims wear the hijab and many of the most fashionable women I know are Muslim (mainly Pakistani or from Eastern Europe).  

Equally though,  wearing a hijab doesn't mean I am a Muslim either although I dress modestly (mainly salwar and kurti in winter, easier in the rain) and have been wearing a hijab/scarf now for decades.  
Some of the fashions from the Yasmin Jay label though are truly lovely even if they wouldn't suit me (I can dream).

aladieslabour August 10, 2022

So that is what we had back in 1988, an anti-wedding.  Actually thinking about it, sounds like the wedding my parents had back in 1958 as well.  In fact, it is similar to the weddings many people had in those days, it was the huge extravaganza weddings of the past few decades weren't the norm.

aladieslabour August 7, 2022

@mamamia-user-482898552 I couldn't agree more

aladieslabour August 4, 2022

Interesting article, and interesting comments as well.  I went to school in NZ and began at 5, as did my brother.  But by that stage we could both read and I was also able to write.  Meaning that we were both bored a lot of the time because we had already learned this at home (not forced, but both of us enjoyed reading while I learned to write simply by copying my father.  To this day some of my letters are still written backwards as a result). 

My daughter went to school in Ireland and here you begin at 4 (school year here starts September) but I also have a friend who was allowed to let her son begin age 3, his birthday was February so he really was young, but he was also very ready for school academically and socially and was allowed because another year of kindy would have left him very bored.  It seems to be 5 in the UK, I remember a cousin who was really fed up because cousin S lived in Ireland and started school age 4 yet cousin C lived in England and had to wait an extra year.  Both were equally bright and socially level so while S was learning reading, writing, arithmetic and Irish C was stuck in kindergarten basically learning nothing (she taught herself to read and write to keep up with S).  It really does depend on the child.

aladieslabour July 27, 2022

@sarahtims If people don't eat the animals and use the skins for clothing what do you think will happen to the animals.  Simply put, they will be shot, buried and not replaced.  Before you are so keen to exterminate into extinction so many breeds of animals maybe it is worth asking what will replace animal manure as fertilizer (because man made fertilizers kill the soil).  How will the environment react when there are no longer cattle or sheep keeping various vital environmental areas alive and thriving, they will disappear as well (sheep especially are vital here, and without the sheep the areas disappear along with all the wildlife - flora and fauna - that rely on the sheep grazing for survival.  No birds because no one will be eating the eggs or meat, and free range chickens do a lot of good again helping the natural environment to thrive. 

You may not starve to death in the way you think you will, but eventually the soil will be dead and totally unproductive, many of the areas which currently feed the bees and butterflies will have disappeared without the sheep/goats that currently maintain them and without the bees there will be no food - no pollination by bees equals no food which is why colony collapse is such a worry at present, but then again bees won't be needed because honey isn't vegan.  It's all very well to go off on a rant about animals being sentient but then so are plants, why is eating animals not ok but eating living and thriving plants who suffer just like animals do perfectly fine?

aladieslabour July 27, 2022

It doesn't just affect the animals although that is bad enough.  It affects people along the chain as well.  When it hit us here in Ireland it didn't just affect the farms and livestock but also the abattoirs, butchers, processing factories and staff and people in occupations you wouldn't normally associate with farms.  My husband worked for a company that developed computer software for use on farms, the entire firm ended up bankrupt and closed after so long without business or any hope of new business - because the last thing farmers could afford was to update computer systems. Most were in their 40s and never worked again (specialised field).  It also affected many in the tourist industry because public rights; of way had to be closed, hiking trails and similar all had to be closed and so did many hotels and the like if they were rural.  The cost to farming itself and the livestock is horrendous but people forget that there are many many more jobs involved in peripheral industries in the countryside and many of them lost their jobs as a result. Please take care, don't let it get a hold in Australia.

aladieslabour July 27, 2022

I am curious as to why the US immigration officials thought they had the right to do the job of the Canadian immigration.  The lady stated she was travelling to Canada which, last time I looked at an atlas, WAS NOT A PART OF THE USA, but in fact was and is a sovereign and INDEPENDENT country with its own government.  Meaning that the US had no right to basically tell her that she couldn't travel to Canada.

Unfortunately the only thing I have taken away from this is something I already knew, simply AVOID the US at any cost unless you have no choice.  And whether or not she was pregnant, might be pregnant, had been pregnant, may possibly get pregnant in the future has NOTHING AT ALL DO WITH US IMMIGRATION unless they have decided rather suddenly that they are now your GP or other medical official.
More and more it seems the US is becoming a country to  avoid at all costs.  Much safer that way.

aladieslabour July 21, 2022

Ironically I hyphenated my surname with my husband's surname when we married, while after a couple of years he simply took mine and ditched his completely (we both now just use my name, and our daughter changed her name by deed poll to just mine when she was old enough).  

Years ago though I used to sit beside a lovely woman in church, and when she and her husband married he insisted that both names be used, hyphenated.  And they were married back in the early 1940s.  
There have always been exceptions and the choice has always been there, it's just that many seem to prefer to keep with tradition.