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aladieslabour June 9, 2022

Yet on social media site was a very 'disparaging' comment, allegedly from a loving grandmother of 7, which recommended Louis should be whipped to teach him how to behave in public especially with regards to his ''very rude'' and ''appallingly cheeky and disrespectful'' behaviour towards his mother.

Even worse were the number of comments which agreed with her claiming they themselves had whipped their kids for similar behaviour and they were now model citizens and parents as a result.
My daughter was no saint at that age, in fact no child is a saint at that age, and Louis had been sitting for quite some time, was probably over excited given the events of the whole weekend that he, with his siblings, had participated in and was also almost certainly bored and tired.  In other words he behaved like nay other child and for a ''loving grandmother'' to claim he should be whipped to teach him how to behave in public, and worse she had many agreeing with her, strongly implies that in some parts of the (possibly) civilised world there are people who shouldn't be allowed near to children.
A great article.

aladieslabour June 6, 2022

The problem arises when testing is available but people don't take advantage.  Have just heard my father-in-law has only days left to live, he was diagnosed with bowel cancer the middle of last week (last day of May according to relatives) and has been made comfortable and sent home to die.  Yet I can't help feeling that he must have received the tests they send out and simply ignored them for it to be so advanced that he only has days left to live.  No point in sending out tests if people simply ignore them, and while many don't equally many do - and it seems my father-in-law was one of them.

aladieslabour May 28, 2022

And this is why a close friend, originally from Houston, is actively refusing his families requests, almost amounting to blackmail, to return to the US and live.  He and his wife currently live in Ireland and intend to stay here.

aladieslabour May 27, 2022

This isn't new though.  Years ago now, 1987 in fact, when I was working in England, not in London but a town which was relatively close to it, one of the girls I worked with had one daughter who was in childcare all day.  And by the time she deducted the weekly childcare costs from her weekly wages she was left with enough for a take away on the Friday night as a treat.  Luckily her husband had inherited some money so they had managed to afford a deposit but the mortgage took up most of his monthly salary leaving no money for holidays or anything else unless his parent paid for them to go away.  Costs have always been extremely high, but other living costs were lower so they weren't such a major issue as they are now.  Unfortunately it seems to be the same the world over, and I'm not sure what the solution is nowadays, in the past you relied on relatives to babysit/childmind (certainly my aunt looked after all her grandchildren before, during and after school as the parents all worked) but in today's world that isn't always possible any longer.

aladieslabour May 8, 2022

@mamamia-user-482898552 I suspect that many of the claims in the book are, at best, inaccurate.  For example she claims that Meghan had the 'help of an 80+ year old PA to the Queen, implying that she was far too old to be any help, whereas in reality Meghan had the help of the Queens close advisor and secretary Samantha Cohen (who even accompanied them on their tour).  And she was/is Australian so certainly knew her way around for the tour.  What's more she even delayed her retirement in order to help Meghan adjust to her new life and this was common knowledge, than and after.  Yet Tina Brown - who lives and works in the US and has little to no contact with sources in the UK or the royals themselves - didn't seem to know who was helping Meghan to adjust.  Seriously insulting to Samantha Cohen certainly, but also shows up her sheer ignorance.  Wonder what else she invented for the book.

aladieslabour May 8, 2022

Thinks to self, she was an actress, her father worked in Hollywood and she grew up in the culture.  People queue up all the time to see pop stars, film stars, television stars.  What part doesn't she get about people coming out to see them.

Except that some people actually deserve to be seen, have fans, crowds turning up to welcome them.  It appears that the Duchess of Sussex at least, despite being a 'c' list actress and knowing other more famous celebrities, isn't one of them.
No matter Clare, you weren't mad or in the wrong.  Meghan on the other hand was (always assuming the claims are strictly accurate, which they might be but also hugely exaggerated for the publicity.

aladieslabour May 5, 2022

OK, the mere fact that the images on the Queen's desk in 2019 were apparently deliberately designed to upset Harry and Meghan (noting that the images were of her father, the late King; her husband, prince consort; her son, heir to the throne; her eldest sons eldest son; second in line to the throne) tells me that whatever else she may claim this writer actually has no idea whatsoever and seems to be using the book to bash the monarchy. Plus the teeny tiny wee fact that when kids are around 2-5 they are often brats (ask any mother or teacher).  The Queen would be well aware of that so comments that the Queen thought William would be a lousy monarch based on the behaviour of a toddler in the terrible twos to fours is utterly ridiculous.  Her comments regarding the tour of Australia and other nearby countries is also rather insulting to those in those same countries (why on earth would Meghan think people wanted to listen to a US C list celebrity waffling on beats me).  

 I suspect the rest of her comments are probably as accurate as this one is.  Thank you for saving me from having to read the book myself, if this is anything to go by it simply isn't worth wasting my time.  So as a proud commonwealth (NZ) citizen I thank you for a great article.

aladieslabour May 5, 2022

The sad thing is, she doesn't look half as good as Marilyn Monroe did when she wore it.  The curves are in different places and the dress was designed for the curves of the original wearer.  Still it does prove one thing, if you've enough money you can buy your way to wearing a dress that really does belong in a museum and not on some wealthy ''celebrity''.

aladieslabour April 20, 2022

I do have to confess, rather shamefacedly, that I did once confuse a Japanese actor for someone from Korea (they do genuinely look alike and I don't know their names, I've just seen shows they've been in and confused them both) but all Asians look different, just as all Africans look different.  And while I can usually tell which country an Asian person comes from (not always with Bangladesh/India/Pakistan/Sri Lanka to be fair) I do have trouble telling which country Africans come from because the differences are so much less obvious - usually language related.

Strangely I have often confused US actors/actresses with each other though, I'll see on in a show and think they are someone else who had a part in a different show although I don't normally have a problem with Aussies/Brits/Irish/Europeans in general.  
I think most of the problem is, people simply don't look and they then assume Asia/Africa are countries rather than continents made up of many countries.

aladieslabour April 10, 2022

After 2.5 years the COVID after effects have dwindled to having problems thinking of a word when you're writing something.  A word I knew without a problem 2.5 years ago but which now needs a thesaurus to remember.

But I count myself lucky, a friend was left with heart problems after having COVID, and 2 years later ........... he died just before last Christmas.
I'm just glad I only have yo worry about forgetting words and getting out of breath very easily.  At least I'm alive.

aladieslabour January 5, 2022

Reading the list of medical exemptions which includes having had the virus in the past six months I suspect that is what has allowed the exemption.  He does himself no favour by keeping quiet as to the reason but somehow I doubt it is because he is rich and famous, because quite a few other players had also applied for exemptions and only a small handful were granted. Meaning that there had to be a good reason for it.