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tai October 5, 2023

Omg I just realized I also went through the toxic ex > dusty ex > forever husband sequence 😱😂

tai February 25, 2021

That last sentence goes for the PM too: “you don’t need a wife or a daughter to understand women are people just like you”

tai August 21, 2020

Wow! As a Latina woman and been living in Australia for only 4 years, THIS is exactly what I see every day, and not so much towards me personally but from white Australians to other AUSTRALIANS of colored skin. I am not an Aus citizen yet so I still fall under the “exotic foreigner” category (which is shitty in its own way), but I see everyday how people of color are labeled as the “angry resentful person of color” when they call out Australian racism, which is still rampant in today’s society, and it makes me feel so powerless and so horrified by society in general. The fact that this is televised on prime time like a form of entertainment is just another level down, moving backwards and not forward. How can we not get angry at this?!

tai July 17, 2020

Sorry but this is not the only reason why people are furious. You might not know, but Goya is a brand of many Hispanic food products and that for decades has been loved and widely consumed by the Hispanic population in the US. What is so outrageous is that as a brand, they endorse Trumps re-election campaign, when he has publicly called “criminals and rapists” to specifically Mexicans and in general targeted the entire Hispanic community as “illegal immigrants” and with his deportation rates, separation/incarceration of children, and SOOO on. It’s the irony that the brand is supporting Trump, which goes against its very own consumers interest, what has spiked the boycott against it, not just that he’s posing in the oval with a can of beans.