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tru101 June 7, 2020

I had my sister as a Bridesmaid, along with one of my SIL's, and my other SIL was my Matron of honour.
My niece was my flower girl and my best friend's son was my pageboy.
One of my two brothers was a groomsman, the other was the MC.
My best friend did the photography, an aunt made my cake.
I tried to involve as many of my family and friends in the immediate wedding party and other wedding plans as possible.
One SIL, who was not in the bridal party, had married only a couple of months before.
I later found out she was a bit annoyed that her sister was my Matron of honour, but I had thought having just had her own wedding(and not involving my Husband, her own brother)in the wedding party, that she wouldn't mind, as her unmarried sister was my bridesmaid(she had also been a bridesmaid at her own wedding).  I didn't think she would want to be a 'Bridesmaid', being married...!
My brother's wife of many years was already my Matron of honour.
Obviously, you can't always please everyone, but I still did my best to involve all of my close family members, as I my thoughts are that a wedding is about a celebration of love, and of welcoming each partner into the other's family...
If my sister married and didn't ask me to stand with her, in her bridal party, I would be incredibly hurt.

Kelly Arndt August 4, 2019

I'm so sorry that happened to you.
It shouldn't have taken that long for you, or the lady in this case, to have the potential(and finally proven)medical issues investigated, identified, and your child/children returned.

Kelly Arndt July 1, 2019

Iain Armitage who plays Young Sheldon is an awesome little actor.
He can also be seen in 'Big Little Lies'.
I have the feeling the author may be a little embarrassed in future years that she couldn't be bother interviewing him...!

Kelly Arndt June 22, 2019

I love babies, the smell of baby shampoo, their soft skin and chubby little fingers and toes and their perfect little faces... Their sense of wonder in everything, their innocence...
Yes, I could definitely wax lyrical about how amazing and beautiful they are, especially when they are your own!
I mean, how did my children end up just so damn beautiful...?!
No, I don't miss the almost 5 years straight of breastfeeding, lol, or the sleepless, broken nights, but it actually does go by so quickly.
I remember finding out I was pregnant with my first like it was yesterday, and the first amazing cuddle after a horrendous, 2-day labour.
Now, she is 18 years old and I've had another 3 children, the youngest of whom is 9.
I don't think any woman should HAVE TO have babies, but I am one of those women who gets misty eyed when I see a new Mum with her beautiful baby...
I hope I'm a few years off being a Grandmother, at least, but I also can't wait...!

Kelly Arndt June 8, 2019

I don't think further DNA testing should be a problem, better safe than sorry before executing a man, surely...?
And if my child was the victim, I would want to be doubly sure they had caught their killer...

Kelly Arndt June 3, 2019

Just WOW...!

Kelly Arndt May 15, 2019

I'd like to know why her mother let her move in with a man in his 60's when she was TWELVE, for Goodness sake...?!

Kelly Arndt May 8, 2019

I'm not attracted to depravity, but physically, Ted Bundy was a very good looking man.
Zac Efron doesn't really appeal to me as an actor, but he is also very good-looking.
I can see the attraction, aesthetically, to both of them.
I don't understand how women can be attracted to a man who raped, murdered and mutilated women, and then got off by committing necrophilia, but then I don't suffer from hybristophilia...
I guess sick people are just attracted to sick people!

Kelly Arndt May 7, 2019

Christina has always been gorgeous and still is, but the writer doesn't even mention the fact that she is also a breast cancer survivor who had a double mastectomy in 2008.
Cancer treatment can be very hard on the human body, and also may have reiterated to her the things that are truly important in life.
Why undergo surgery that is not truly necessary?
If you have your health, and your life, who cares if you get a few 'laugh lines'?
Those lines simply mean you have lived a life worth living.

Kelly Arndt April 2, 2019

The stitches, the blood, the catheter, the nurses due in to monitor stats, the noisy hospital, the hard hospital bed...
Most people would still be staring in wonder at their beautiful new baby, but, what the heck, I can see how that atmosphere could lead to sexy time... NOT!
These people are sick, they really do need to be in a hospital, LOL!

Kelly Arndt March 3, 2019

I always had very heavy, but regular, periods, and also had endometriosis removed in between my first and second babies.
I had a Mirena inserted after my second baby was born as my doctor thought it may help improve my heavy periods. I had no problem with the insertion at all, just a 3 out of 10 for pain, but I felt ill and experienced mood swings and intermittent heavy bleeding for 6 weeks afterwards, until I had it removed.
I conceived my 3rd child shortly after it's removal and then had a hysterectomy a few years after my fourth child was born.
I don't miss my uterus one little bit!

Kelly Arndt February 24, 2019

Um, Sweetheart, that's NOT why he left you...

Kelly Arndt February 24, 2019

Joan Crawford was born in 1904 and had an amazingly long career in Hollywood.
When she made 'Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?', she was already 58 years old, and let's face it, starring roles for women of that age were not plentiful, in that era, and Joan was hardly likely to want to accept 'supporting' roles!
That role actually helped to resurrect a flagging career, I certainly don't think it harmed it!
In 1973, she would have been 69 years old, and she had been on the board of Directors for Pepsi(and had been since her husband's death more than ten years earlier)and been involved with them for 18 years, since marrying her(fourth)husband who was their Chairman and CEO.
Saying she lost her role as 'The face of Pepsi' was not exactly accurate!
And I would hazard a guess that turning 70 the following year may have been a more likely reason for announcing her retirement, as would her famed pride and known dislike for her aging features, as she became more and more reclusive...!
The lady wanted to go out a 'Star' and as far as I and many others are concerned, that's exactly what she did.

Kelly Arndt February 24, 2019

As far as I can see, she looks to be doing okay...
She was literally on my tv screen in an advert 5 minutes ago- hardly hiding!
She's still only 28 years old, too, plenty of life in her yet, lol...!

Kelly Arndt February 15, 2019

She would have been 6 1/2 or 7 when returned and hopefully would have gotten to know her Mum a bit before then, but I agree, it would be difficult and upsetting to leave the only 'Mum' and family you had known for at least 5 years...

Kelly Arndt February 9, 2019

He was cheating for THREE YEARS.
He had all that time to reconsider, to feel guilty, to realize what he was risking, and yet he kept cheating until he was being constantly checked on by a hurt, mentally distressed wife and couldn't get away with it in secret anymore...
He will do it again, now that she isn't checking on him constantly.
Once a cheater...!

Kelly Arndt February 9, 2019

I doubt VERY much if this woman has chosen to have a baby JUST to name it Celine, for Goodness Sake, it's probably just one of the small reasons that add up to the very LARGE desire to have another child!
I'm sure she knows what she's in for, after 2 sets of twins!
What she doesn't need is to read this story and realize she is the main topic(I mean, how many families actually have two sets of twins AND are pregnant again, if she reads this, SHE'LL KNOW!)and that her 'friend; thinks she is so daft as to have a baby for the sole reason of naming it after Celine Dion, when it was 50/50 it would be a boy(why do I suddenly want to sing 'A Boy Named Sue'...?!)...!

Kelly Arndt February 9, 2019

'Most American men are weak minded'...?!
Wow, way to go for pigeon-holing American guys...
I know plenty of weak-minded guys from all different nationalities, lol.
And a few pretty pig-headed ones.
And thankfully, quite a few moral-minded, faithful ones...!