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harvixie August 2, 2023

I remember encyclopaedias, Landlines, dialup internet, floppy discs, and brick mobile phones. I'm only 31 n I still do the ironing. Iguess it's a question of how you're raised, what you're taught and the things that you choose to put importance on. For me it's a chance to zone out the brain & watch TV, while ironing.

harvixie May 13, 2023

It's certainly a struggle for many of us. Perhaps try putting your social media settings on grey 🩢 scale and in some situations leave your phone at home altogether. Maybe that may further help.

A very well written article.πŸ‘

harvixie April 15, 2023

I like the Day 1,2 and 4 looks on you. Maybe try different πŸ‘– and a bright coloured top under the corset for the day 4 look and see if you like it a bit better. Keep mixing and matching what's in your wardrobe and maybe put the baggy/over sized things away for now. A great experiment.

harvixie March 30, 2023

Try looking in your wardrobe for seperated which are royal blue πŸ”΅ or navy and putting something sparkling with that colour. Alternatively you could shop a friends wardrobe who's a similar size to you. Forget the MOG label and wear what makes you feel fancy and happy.

harvixie March 30, 2023

Hi Mia,

The colours in 3&4suit you very well.
I like dress #16 on you and from #25 onwards. You do need something on your shoulders though, maybe a dress with a cap sleeve, it will help balance you. You have unique taste in clothing but seem to know roughly what suits you.

harvixie March 20, 2023

I while heartedly agree Mia. I avert this issue by making my own clothes, op shopping or buying online. Perhaps you can find someone like myself in your area who would be willing to make clothes for you which would make your happy. E.g. you provide the material and pattern and let the dressmaker know your size. I'd do it for you. You pay postage to Melbour

harvixie January 30, 2023

Your daughter looks like her beautiful mum. 

The teen years can be tough but, be there, she'll come to you when she really wants and needs you.

harvixie January 26, 2023

Wow!!!! Good on you Max. 

It's great to hear stories of children learning the value of money πŸ’° at such a young age and for them to have savings goals is even better.
If Max buys an apartment maybe then he can rent it out and use the savings from the rent to buy a house when he's older.

harvixie January 18, 2023

I find shopping πŸ›οΈ overwhelming and difficult like most Aussie women. I make my own Dresses and T-shirts. I buy stretch knit pants from Kmart or the op shop and remove any pockets. Knowing how to make small alterations to shop bought clothes, and being able to make my own clothes, has made life soooo much easier.

harvixie December 5, 2022

I'm an average size Australian woman. I hate shopping and struggle with body image issues. 

So my solution to the problem is to make my own clothes. 
I use a pattern cut to my size and always buy slightly more fabric than I may actually need just incase.
The best part is I'm building a wardrobe of clothes that I love and want to wear in colours and fabrics that I enjoy and feel good on me.
Maybe if we go back to this trend of my mother's, grandmother's and great grandmother's day then maybe fabric will again be cheaper.

harvixie November 21, 2022

Good on you for staying your needs or lack thereof. Just because your choice goes against the status quo doesn't make it invalid!! I'm in agreement with your description of intimacy. As an Asexual women, that's all I need. More power to you for knowing yourself.☺️

harvixie November 21, 2022

A well written article. You have a beautiful face a lovely voice to listen to and I wish you all the best for your journey to finding Health.☺️